Your question: Is Oyo rooms safe for couples in Delhi?

No brainer, Oyo rooms are safe and they are the best deals to book hotels for unmarried couples. Only you need to do is to find Oyo couple friendly hotels nearby your location and you can spend some quality time with your loved one.

Can police raid in Oyo rooms?

Experts say that under Indian law the police can arrest people for “indecent behaviour” in public spaces, but hotel rooms are private areas. “There is no law that forbids an unmarried couple from checking into a hotel together,” argues an article in the Mint website.

Is there any problem for couples in Oyo rooms?

No law in the country denies an unmarried couple a stay in a hotel. However, checking-in a couple is at the discretion of the hotel owners / managers.

Is Oyo safe for hookups?

Yes! Oyo rooms are couple friendly and by regular audits, Oyo captains assure that the couple’s safety and privacy stay in safe hands. All you have to take with is the proper or valid id proof of both because without that hotel manager won’t be able to show check-in on the Oyo platform.

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Are Oyo rooms safe for unmarried couples in Delhi Quora?

Yes, provided if you book Oyo couple friendly hotels and couple would asked to show their valid id. They are 100% safe and nobody would bother you during your stay.

What are OYO rooms famous for?

India’s largest budget hotel chain, OYO rooms is one of the most preferred hotel booking destinations for a vast majority of students in the country. The rise in popularity of OYO among students is attributed to the extremely flexible booking policies which accommodate special requests and needs of the young guests.

Can police raid unmarried couples?

This means that although the police have the power to raid a private property such as a hotel, they DO NOT have the power to arrest you only on the grounds of occupying the room as an unmarried couple.

Does Oyo rooms need ID proof?

According to government regulations, a valid Photo ID has to be carried by every person above the age of 18 staying at the hotel. The identification proofs accepted are Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, and Passport. Note that PAN card is not acceptable.

Is hotel safe for unmarried couples?

In a nutshell, it is okay to stay at any hotel anywhere in India with your partner. There is no law that would prohibit an unmarried couple from staying in any hotel across India.

Why are Oyo rooms famous for couples?

OYO rooms have come to the rescue. Their app features a ‘relationship mode’ which helps users find hotels that are couple-friendly, that is, they allow unmarried couples even with local ids to check in without any hassles.

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Is it safe to stay in OYO with girlfriend?

Yes, OYO Rooms is very safe and I have stayed at Oyo Rooms with my girlfriend. I have been in a long-distance relationship for more than 2 years and whenever we decide to meet, Oyo rooms always help us to keep our privacy in safe hands and also provide a couple-friendly environment.

Can police raid in hotels?

The problem is we are not aware of our rights. So the answer of your question would be no. Police can’t arrest any couple who is voluntarily staying together in a hotel, if they both are older than 18 years of age.

What is relationship mode in OYO?

OYO OYO Feb 10, 2017. Put your venue hunting woes for Valentine’s Day date at rest with our ‘Relationship Mode’ which gives you access to couple-friendly hotels, available across 100 cities in India including all metros and leisure destinations.

Do OYO townhouse allow unmarried couples?

Q Do they allow unmarried couples? A Yes, the hotel OYO Townhouse 254 HRBR-Kalyannagar allows couples to check in as long as they have valid id proof.

Is it legal for unmarried couples to stay in a hotel in India?

No, say lawyers and an official of the Hotel Association of India. “There is no law that prohibits unmarried couples from staying together in hotels. Choosing to stay together is a personal choice and falls under freedom of movement, which cannot be restricted,” says senior advocate Sudha Ramalingam.

What does couple friendly hotel mean?

The general definition of a couple-friendly hotel means a hotel that welcomes unmarried couples as their guests. These hotels respect their privacy and do not judge them.

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