Who was a key leader in India’s independence movement quizlet?

passive resistance campaign of Mohandas Gandhi where many Indians protested the British tax on salt by _________ to make their own salt. Indian statesman. He succeeded Mohandas K. Gandhi as leader of the Indian National Congress.

Who was a key leader of Indian independence?

The long-awaited agreement ended 200 years of British rule and was hailed by Indian independence leader Mohandas Gandhi as the “noblest act of the British nation.” However, religious strife between Hindus and Muslims, which had delayed Britain’s granting of Indian independence after World War II, soon marred Gandhi’s …

Who was a key leader of Indian independence quizlet?

We are here today to remember the life of Mohandas Gandhi, leader of the Indian independence movement.

Who was the leader of the movement in India?

Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948) The foremost political leader of the Indian independence movement. For over two decades, Gandhi led a peaceful independence movement, characterised by non-violent protests, such as boycotts and the Salt March.

Who are the great leaders of India?

List of original fifty nominees

  • Dr. B. R. Ambedkar (1891–1956)
  • A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (1931–2015)
  • Vallabhbhai Patel (1875–1950)
  • Jawaharlal Nehru (1889–1964)
  • Mother Teresa (1910–1997)
  • J. R. D. Tata (1904–1993)
  • Indira Gandhi (1917–1984)
  • Sachin Tendulkar (b. 1973)
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Who was involved in the independence of India?

India won its freedom from British colonial rule in 1947, after many decades of struggle. Mohandas Gandhi, known as Mahatma Gandhi, joined the fight in 1914 and led the country to independence, using his method of nonviolent protest known as satyagraha.

Who was Gandhi quizlet?

Gandhi was an Indian nationalist and spiritual leader who developed the practice of nonviolent disobedience that forced Great Britain to grant independence to India (1947). He was assessinated by a Hindu fanatic.

What was Gandhi’s role in the Indian independence movement?

Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of India’s non-violent independence movement against British rule and in South Africa who advocated for the civil rights of Indians. Born in Porbandar, India, Gandhi studied law and organized boycotts against British institutions in peaceful forms of civil disobedience.

What is Mohandas Gandhi best known for?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is widely recognized as one of the twentieth century’s greatest political and spiritual leaders. Honored in India as the father of the nation, he pioneered and practiced the principle of Satyagraha—resistance to tyranny through mass nonviolent civil disobedience.

What led to India’s independence?

Although unrest at colonial rule existed long before, the Indian independence movement gained momentum after the First World War. Mahatma Gandhi led the revolt against oppressive British rule and organised passive-resistance campaigns.

Who was the leader of the Wahabi movement in India?

Founded by Sayyid Ahmad (1786-1831) of Rae Bareli, the Wahhabi Movement in India was a vigorous movement for socio-religious reforms in Indo-Islamic society in the nineteenth century with strong political undercurrents.

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Who is best leader in world?

Arfa Javaid. List of Most Popular Leaders in the World 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has yet again topped the list of most popular leaders in the world. According to the global approval rating released by Morning Consult Political Intelligence, he has an approval rating of 71%.