Quick Answer: How can I pay my property taxes online in Chennai?

Can property tax be paid online?

Paying Online: The most convenient option is to pay online via the Tax Portal. … To log on to the Tax Portal persons need to enter their username and password. Once logged into the system, persons should then select the option Pay Property Tax and follow the instructions to make payment.

How can I find my property tax number in Chennai?

In order to find property tax bill number, you’ll have to perform the following steps: Visit the official website of Greater Chennai Corporation or click on https://chennaicorporation.gov.in/online-civic-services/ptbillSearch.do?do=getOldLoad.

How can I get property tax receipt online in Chennai?

How to download Chennai property tax receipt?

  1. Step 1: Visit the Chennai Corporation website.
  2. Step 2: Click on the button for ‘Online Tax Payment’
  3. Step 3: Click on the button for ‘Online Payment Receipt’
  4. Step 4: enter all your details: zone number, division code, bill no.
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Can we pay property tax online in Tamilnadu?

You can even know your zone and division, property tax status, your bill no. and finally you can pay your property tax online and get the bill sitting in your house. … You will land up with different banks from which you can pay your property tax through debit card, credit card or online banking.

How can I pay my property taxes online in Kerala?

Step 1: Visit the official portal of Kerala property tax payment, tax.lsgkerala.gov.in. Step 2: Here, you have two options. You can either go for ‘quick pay’ for Kerala property by providing details like district, local body (municipality, corporation, gram panchayat), etc. to proceed with the payment.

How do I check my tax return online?

Use the Where’s My Refund tool or the IRS2Go mobile app to check your refund online. This is the fastest and easiest way to track your refund. The systems are updated once every 24 hours. You can call the IRS to check on the status of your refund.

How can I pay my Tambaram property tax online?

Apply Online:

In the given page please select “Property Tax Status/Paytax” tab to get the next page. Please enter the details as prompted and hit “Submit” to get the details of payment dues, current payment period and amount. Please make payment using the payment gateway by debit / credit / net banking option.

How do I pay property tax arrears online?

How to access the Local Property Tax service

  1. Enter your PPSN, property ID and property PIN and click ‘Login’.
  2. On the home screen ensure that you have selected ‘Household Charge arrears’ from the ‘Review your Records’ dropdown menu.
  3. Click ‘Setup Payment Method’.
  4. Input all payment details and click ‘Continue’.
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How can I pay property tax online in Tiruvallur municipality?

Apply Online:

  1. In order to pay property tax through the online portal in Tiruvallur for the respective district, please use this link: For Online portal.
  2. In the given page please select “Property Tax Status/Paytax” tab to get the next page.

How can I pay my first property tax online in Chennai?

Property Tax Online Payment Chennai

Step1: First, log in to the Chennai property tax online payment portal. Then click the tab ‘Online Payment’ under the ‘Online Civic Services’ section. Step2: Enter zone number, ward number, bill number, and sub number.

How can I get my property tax number in Tamilnadu?

Visit the official website of Tamilnadu Municipal administration . Once you reach the home page login/ register your account. Click on to my Tax, There you can see the tax assessment number.

How do I pay my property taxes online in Avadi Municipality?


The portal offers an online payment option to its users. By visiting the Tnurbantree.tn.gov.in/avadi/ citizens can pay property tax, water bill, House Tax, Professional Tax, Water Bill, etc.

How can I pay tax online in TamilNadu?

Pay Tax Online​​

  1. Step-1. To pay taxes online, login to http://www.tin-nsdl.com > Services > e-payment : Pay Taxes Online or click here on the tab “e-pay taxes” provided on the said website. …
  2. Step-2. Select the relevant challan i.e. …
  3. Step-3. …
  4. Step-4. …
  5. Step-5. …
  6. Step-6. …
  7. Step-7.

How can I get property ID in Chennai?

The citizen may submit his request along with the following details through the online citizen portal available in website www.chennaicorporation.gov.in. The citizen should obtain user id and password by furnishing the user name and mobile number or email id in citizen portal.

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What is sub NO in property tax Chennai?

Chennai Property Tax Calculator

The Property ID is a 13-digit unique number, where the first two figures represent the Zone, then the next three figures represent the Ward, the five digits following it represent the Bill Number and the last three digits represent the Sub Number.