Is India a secular country support your answer with two examples?

Why India is considered a secular country explain with example?

India is called a secular state because it does not have any state religion and people are free to practice any religion of their choice.

Is India a secular country Justify your answer by giving real examples?

Answer: Our constitution does not discriminate anyone on the basis of caste ,creed and gender. Everyone in India is free to practice any relegion. There is no official relegion in India, hence making it a secular country.

Is India a secular state justify your answer?

The citizens have been given freedom of religion. The state does not interfere in the religious matters. The state does not discriminate among the citizens on the basis of religion. Therefore, India is a secular state.

Do you think India is a secular country write three points?

There is no state religion in India and the state equally treats all the religions of the country. No religion receives any special favors from the state. 3. There is right to freedom of religion in India.

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How India is a secular country?

However, India’s secularism does not completely separate religion and state. The Indian Constitution has allowed extensive interference of the state in religious affairs, such as constitutional abolition of untouchability, opening up of all Hindu temples to people of ‘lower caste’ etc.

Is India a secular country Class 8?

There is no official religion for the Indian state. Our Constitution does not give a special status to any religion. The Constitution provides to all individuals and communities freedom to profess, practice and propagate any religion, or not to follow any.

Is India a secular state Class 11?

The term, ‘secular’ means that the state has no religion of its own. The stateis neither religious nor anti-religions. The state observes complete neutrality in religious matters. India is a secular state.

Is India a secular state essay?

Yes, the Constitution of India clearly states that India is a secular country. India particularly does not follow any religion, and people belonging from every religion like the Hindus, the Islam, the Sikhs, the Christians, the Jews, and people belonging to any other religion can live in harmony with each other.

What is a secular country justify?

In a secular nation, people have the freedom to choose, practice and propagate their religion. The country does not have any official religion and neither the government nor any private institution discriminates among the people on the basis of religion.

Why India is called a secular state explain in three points?

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India is called a secular state because there is no discrimination of religions by the government or the Constitution. According to it, the government cannot give special rights to any religion. Also, any religion cannot be deprived of certain rights.

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How can you prove that India is a secular state?

5 points to prove that India is a secular state?


Is India secular country which constitutional amendment is justify this statement?

The term secular was added to the Preamble of India by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act. … Constitution prohibits discrimination on the grounds of religion. • The state can interfere in religious matters if it does not promote equality.

How is India a secular country Class 9?

India is a secular country because all religions enjoy equal freedom. No discrimination is made on ground of religion. Right to Freedom of Religion is granted by our constitution under the Fundamental Rights. Freedom of conscience and the right to profess and propagate any religion.

Is India a secularism country Yes or no?

State government can use the money generated by a temple for purposes that have absolutely nothing to do with not just the temple, but even those which have nothing to do with Hinduism! The 42nd amendment to the Constitution of India inserted the word “secular” into the preamble thus making India a “secular” Republic.

What makes India a secular country Class 10?

Two constitutional provisions that make India a secular state are: Freedom to practice, profess and propagate the religion of one’s choice. The Constitution prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion.

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