How can I get tickets for Chennai Test match?

For fans interested in buying the tickets, they can visit & to get the tickets.

How can I book my test match ticket in Chennai?

The MA Chidambaram stadium, Chennai tickets can be booked online by visiting authorized website. The ticketing partners generally decided a few weeks before the match. The process of booking is very simple; it is guided on the website itself. There is also an option of home delivery of tickets.

How do you buy Test cricket tickets?

And if fans are wondering how to buy the tickets for the first Test match between India and New Zealand- this is the place to be.

  1. Step 1: Go to the official Bookmyshow website or use the App.
  2. Step 2: Click on “Book”
  3. Step 3: Select the stands.
  4. Here is a view of the ticket price range available:
  5. Step 4: Confirm the booking.
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How do I buy Ind vs Eng Test match tickets?

For tickets, one can also log onto The sale for the tickets started on February 14 morning. Tickets for all the days of the Test are currently available for sale. The first day of the day-night Test will start at 2:30 PM IST on February 24.

What is the price of Test match ticket in India?

Cricket enthusiasts interested in watching the match live from the stadium can book their tickets via various online mediums or they can just visit the Green Park Stadium to purchase it offline. The ticket prices range from Rs. 600 to Rs. 24,000, depending on sitting arrangements.

Is Test match ticket valid for 5 days?

If your ticket is a season ticket i.e., a single ticket which allows you entry for all 5 days of the Test Match, your money will not be refunded, even if the match is over in a session.

What is the price of IPL ticket in Chennai?

IPL ticket price in Chennai range between Rs. 1,300 to Rs. 6,000. You can also book tickets from the Stadium.

Do I get a refund if test match finished early?

Yes they do but it’s a notable fact that it varies from country to country or even from one cricketing body to another. While, if 10 overs or less are played then they give complete refund. But if less than 25 overs are bowled and the match is washed out or finished than half reimbursement is done.

How many overs are there in Test cricket?

There are 450 overs in a test match (90 x 5), wherein the one who bats on the first morning on the fresh pitch, and one who bats last on a weary pitch needs special consideration.

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How do I get t20 tickets?

Tickets may still be available through the Official Hospitality and ICC Travel and Tours Programmes. Alternatively, you can join the Waitlist for this match and receive email updates with details of any ticket releases for a specific match.”

How much does it cost to go to cricket?

Adult – $30. Child/Concession – $20. Family – $78.

Who is Viagogo tickets?

Viagogo is a London-based ticket exchange and ticket resale company. It was founded in 2006 by Eric Baker, the co-founder of StubHub.

How does Test cricket work?

Test cricket is when two teams of 11 players face off across five days. These five days are called a Test, and there are five Tests in the Ashes. The winner of the coin toss on day one of a Test decides if they want to bat or bowl first. … In the course of a Test match, each team plays two innings each.

What is the price of IPL match ticket?

The tickets start from ₹340 (Delhi Capitals) and the prices may go as high as ₹8000 (Mumbai Indians). How to get IPL Tickets? IPL Tickets can be bought offline from the stadium ticket counter or online from BookMyShow.

What is price of IPL tickets?

Vivo IPL Ticket Booking Online 2022, IPL Match Ticket Price 2022: Hello dear all IPL fans, Welcome to Only a few months remaining for Vivo IPL 2022 Season 15th.

Vivo IPL 2022 Ticket Price.

IPL Ticket Price Seats
₹1800 Block L
₹2100 Block B
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How do I get tickets for Wankhede Stadium?

How to Book Wankhede Stadium IPL 2022 Ticket

  1. Login to website to check and book tickets.
  2. Select the match, date, price and ticket quantity from stadium layout.
  3. Now select the seat from the seating layout after looking at Wankhede stadium ticket price 2020.