Why PlayStation is so costly in India?

PlayStation 4 is quite expensive compared to its predecessors. You are probably comparing the US price with the price of it in India. There is no manufacturing unit in India. So, the product has to be imported from other countries.

Why are consoles so costly in India?

The simply reason is the cost of the games are usually converted from Dollars to Indian rupees. The actually cost may be around 10 dollars are so but in Indian rupees it is around 750 rupees so see the comparison here plus the tax are high in Entertainment industry (30% to 45%).

Is PlayStation worth buying in India?

At the end of the day, it comes at a premium. The disc variant of the console costs Rs 49,999 while the digital edition has been priced at Rs 39,999. Here is a quick summary on everything that’s on offer and if the PS5 is actually worth buying. … The PlayStation 5 looks more glamorous when kept vertically.

Why is PS4 costly?

The main thing that makes the PS4 Pro $100 more expensive than the PS4 is the upgraded GPU and CPU. … Although the PS5 is upgraded from the PS4 Pro in almost every way, the upgrade we’ve enjoyed most is the switch from HDD to SSD.

Is PS5 worth buying in India?

Even though the console games are costly still it’s totally worth it. The graphics and the performance is very good. No heating issues so far and it’s a silent running console. I wish we had a full 1TB available for usage.

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