When was the school days of an Indian girl written?

Published in Atlantic Monthly. Volume 85, Issue 508, February 1900.

What is the purpose of the school days of an Indian girl?

Gertrude Bonnin’s memoir The School Days of an Indian Girl focuses on her changing sense of self after being placed in a boarding school. No longer was she allowed to keep all of the little things that created her identity, the simple day-to-day habits that made her who she was up to that point.

What is the theme of the passage the school days of an Indian girl?

The despondency and isolation Zitkala-Sa felt at the school as an outsider among white people and her urges of rebellion and revenge represent the despair and anger of all Native Americans under white oppression in her time.

What tribe is Zitkala from?

Zitkala-Ša (“Red Bird”) was born on the Yankton Indian Reservation in South Dakota on February 22, 1876. A member of the Yankton Dakota Sioux, she was raised by her mother after her father abandoned the family.

Why did Zitkala-Sa go away to school?

After debating the decision, Zitkala-Sa’s mother agreed to let her go. She did not want her daughter to leave and did not trust the white strangers, but she feared that the Dakota way of life was ending. There were no schools on the reservation, and she wanted her daughter to have an education.

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When did Zitkala-Sa write school days of an Indian girl?

Zitkala-Sa’s The School Days of an Indian Girl is an autobiography that was published in the Atlantic Monthly in 1901.

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