What is the best Hindu newspaper app?

Which app is best for The Hindu newspaper?

One of India’s most respected newspapers, The Hindu is known for its classic yet contemporary design and its authentic and credible journalism. The Hindu Android app lives up to that reputation and offers a rich experience and depth of coverage that few media brands can match.

Is there any app of The Hindu newspaper?

The Hindu has launched a personalised, ad-free version of its app for Android users as part of its subscription offerings. Readers can access the app and the website through a common login after signing up. … For subscription log on to subscription.thehindu.com or download/upgrade The Hindu app on the Google Play Store.

Which app is best for reading newspaper?

The 10 best news apps to stay informed without all the…

  • Apple News.
  • Google News.
  • The Week.
  • Flipboard.
  • SmartNews.
  • News360.
  • 8. News Break.
  • Ground News.

Which paper is best for UPSC?

The best newspapers recommended by the UPSC toppers are:

  • THE HINDU. It is the most reliable newspaper. …
  • THE INDIAN EXPRESS. This paper is useful to read both positive and negative thoughts of any topic. …
  • BEST MAGAZINES for UPSC IAS Preparation. …
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What is the cost of The Hindu epaper?

The Hindu has introduced fee-based subscription for its put its e-paper. It is charging Rs 400 per month for accessing the digital edition of The Hindu.

Is the Hindu Epaper free?

Smart aspirants now subscribe for ‘The Hindu e-paper’ to read the newspaper across all device sizes – laptop, tablets, or mobile phones. This choice is not only cheaper and environment-friendly but will also help you remain organised. You can take a free trial now!

How do I subscribe to The Hindu app?

The Hindu All-Access Plan: How to subscribe? To subscribe to The Hindu All-Access Plan at discounted rates, all you need to do is to click this link to get 1-year unlimited access to multiple digital products of The Hindu Group including The Hindu website and epaper.

Why The Hindu newspaper is best?

‘The Hindu’ distinguishes between news and opinion very well. Also, it gives priority to areas of national concern and usually avoids trivial issues/masala items.

How can I read Hindu Epaper in Mobile?

Open thehindu. com in Google Chrome browser. Select today’s newspaper. Select which articles to read.

What is the best free online newspaper?

Best Free Newspaper Apps: Serving a Niche, Providing Utility

  • The Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal, always known for its journalistic excellence, is banking heavily on video. …
  • Denver Post. …
  • San Francisco Chronicle. …
  • RedEye (Chicago Tribune) …
  • Dallas Morning News. …
  • The Arizona Republic. …
  • Boston Globe. …
  • The Guardian.

Is there any app for reading newspaper?

NYT Now is great for digesting the news.

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The app is run by a dedicated team at the Times and updated throughout the day with breaking news, features, stories from other publications, and easily digestible breakdowns of the day’s news highlights.

Which app is good for all news?

1. BBC News App. The BBC is a worldwide news organization that keeps readers updated with the latest news stories and videos on-demand. It is considered the best world news app for iOS and Android, offering innovative ways to keep users engaged.

Which app is good for daily news?

1. Google News. Freshly revamped in the last couple of months, Google News (iOS, Android, web) is now better at gathering the news than ever before, no matter what your interests.