Quick Answer: How can I lose my Indian accent?

How can I get rid of my Indian accent?

How to Change Your Indian Accent

  1. SOS – Speak Slowly, Open Your Mouth and Say Each Sound and Syllable. SOS is Change Your Accent’s number one tip for accent reduction because of its huge impact on speech. …
  2. Improve English Pronunciation. …
  3. Figure Out Intonation and Syllable Stress. …
  4. Avoid Using Fillers.

How long does it take to lose an Indian accent?

Assuming it is not the American Indian, I find that pronouncing the “T” in English affects most Indians initially. To my ear it comes out sounding like a “D” on the tip of the tongue. I estimate an average of five years for formal conversation without a slipup.

How can I reduce my native accent?

16 tips to reduce or soften your accent

  1. Choose your target accent. …
  2. Listen carefully. …
  3. Utilize Youtube. …
  4. Speak out loud. …
  5. Read out loud. …
  6. Pace yourself. …
  7. Use the right words. …
  8. Stress the correct syllable.
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What causes an Indian accent?

The reason Indian people speak accented English, is because of the influence of their mother tongue, its intonations, pronunciation and diction on the way they speak English.

Is Indian accent attractive?

Indian Accent Ranked One Of The Sexiest In The World! … A survey conducted by Big 7 Travel, a travel website revealed that the readers find Indian accent sexy. Oh yes, and Indian accent is ranked 26th in the list of The Top 50 Sexiest Accents In The World.

Can I change my accent?

Accents are a natural part of spoken languages and not considered a speech or language “problem”. Can you change your accent? The good news is yes, you can learn to change your pronunciation. Known as “accent reduction” or “accent modification”, this process takes some attention, hard work, and consistent practice.

Can I lose my accent?

Though it’s challenging to lose your accent entirely, it is possible to change it. To improve your pronunciation skills, you’ll need to exercise both your mouth and ears. There’s actually a whole field of language coaching dedicated to this called accent reduction or modification.

How do I lose my southern accent?

Pronounce your vowels and consonants more clearly and quickly.

  1. “Clip” or shorten your vowels. …
  2. You can try to speak with your mouth in more of a circular shape to achieve the effect of rounding out your vowels instead of flattening them. …
  3. Place the accent on the second syllable of words such as cement and umbrella.

At what age does an accent become permanent?

Research has shown that accents become permanent around the age of 12 years old. That being said, it is possible for accents to change over time or for adults to develop a subtle accent after living in a foreign country for an extended period of time.

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How do you Americanize your accent?

The most important way to improve your accent is to keep on speaking and listening to American English. Try to hear the rhythm, or “music,” of the language as you listen to Americans. The pace, or speed, should be slower than other accents. And it is not necessary to sound exactly like a native speaker.

How long does it take to lose an accent?

Different people need differing amounts of time for effective accent reduction. Generally speaking though, most people report noticing a difference in their English pronunciation after 3-4 weeks daily practise. After 6 months practise, there is a huge difference in their speech clarity and accent reduction.

Which accent is most attractive?

The British accent was voted the absolute hottest on earth, coming top in countries as far-flung as Sweden, China, India and the USA. A British brogue was particularly desirable in Asia, with South Korea and Malaysia also finding UK accents too hot to handle.

Why is the Indian accent so strong?

Most Indians have ‘consciously’ learnt the English language – not a mother tongue. Hence, they don’t slur while talking – rather, unduly stress the words, syllables etc, making it a “strong” Indian accent. No wonder, Indians are regarded as the clearest English speakers in the world.

How do I get rid of my thick accent?

Speak slowly and intentionally to master sounds you feel your accent is stronger on. Be conscious of and aware of your lips,tongue and mouth while speaking. Try saying short sentences in accents other than your own. “Why hello there, can I help you? ” for example, until you feel you have them perfected.

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