Frequent question: Is Maharashtra best state in India?

Why Maharashtra is the best state in India?

Aptly called the gateway of India, Maharashtra is one of India’s biggest commercial and industrial centres, and it has played a significant role in the country’s social and political life. … Maharashtra is a leader among Indian states in terms of agricultural and industrial production, trade and transport, and education.

Which is the No 1 state in India?

Uttar Pradesh has the 240,928 km2 of land.

Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in India in terms of population.

S. No. State Name Population (As per Census 2011)
1 Uttar Pradesh 199,812,341

Is Maharashtra a good state?

Being situated on the west coast of India, Maharashtra not only enjoys a favorable climate but also some of the best beaches in the country. … Some of the beaches you must visit on a trip to Pune are Dapoli, Alibaug, Sindhdurg, Tarkarli, Kashid, and Dahanu.

Which state is safest in India?


S.No State/UT Crime against Women (IPC + SLL)
1 Karnataka 16362
2 Arunachal Pradesh 367
3 Assam 20869
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Which Indian state is beautiful?

Referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is one of India’s prettiest states. It is home to some of the country’s most stunning beaches, including Kovalam, Muzhappilangad, Varakala and many more.

Which is best Karnataka or Maharashtra?

belgaon in maharashtra or karnataka.

Maharashtra Karnataka
Area 3,07,713 Km2 1,91,791 Km2
Area wise rank in India Rank 3rd Rank 7th
No. of Districts 36 30
Capital City Mumbai Bangalore

Which is the richest city in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is the wealthiest state in India, contributing 15% of the country’s industrial output and 13.3% of its GDP (2006–2007 figures).

List of metropolitan areas in Maharashtra.

Rank 1
Name Mumbai UA
District Mumbai City District & Mumbai Suburban District
Population 2,48,14,288

Why do I like Maharashtra?

One of the most important factors of a place is its geographical location, situated in the western coast of India, Maharashtra does not only shelter some of the finest weekend getaway destinations such as Lonavala, Igatpuri, Matheran, Karjat, Mahabaleshwar and Amboli but is also close to many other states that are …

Which is the strongest state in India?


Rank State/Union Territory Nominal GDP ₹ lakh crore = INR trillions; USD billions
1 Maharashtra ₹32.24 lakh crore (US$430 billion)
2 Tamil Nadu ₹22.44 lakh crore (US$297 billion)
3 Uttar Pradesh ₹17.05 lakh crore (US$240 billion)
4 Gujarat ₹16.48 lakh crore (US$230 billion)

Which is the poorest state in India?

Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh have emerged as the poorest states in India, according to NITI Aayog’s Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI).

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Which is the cleanest state in India?

Chhattisgarh has been ranked the cleanest state in the country for the third year running in the Swachh Survekshan 2021 findings announced on Saturday in Delhi. Its state capital, Raipur, has also been ranked the sixth cleanest city in the country. In 2020, Raipur was ranked 21st in the country.

What is special about Maharashtra?

Maharashtra literally means the “Great State” or “Great Nation”. … Known for its amazing natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, Maharashtra is one of the most industrialized states of India. Some of the prime cities of Maharashtra include Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Shirdi, and Kolhapur.

Which thing is famous in Maharashtra?

Simple dishes that have received recognition across the world and you shouldn’t miss are; pohe, misal pav, sabudhana kichidi, puran poli, shrikhand and the symbolic vada pav!

Why Maharashtra is rich Quora?

Maharashtra is the richest state because people from all over the country come here to either make their life or for better opportunities. In doing so they give their best and contribute to the prosperity of the state.