Does northeast Indian food smell bad?

Does North East food stink?

Axone — also spelled akhuni — is a fermented soya bean of Nagaland, known for its distinctive flavour and smell. As much an ingredient as it is a condiment, axone used to make pickles and chutneys, or curries of pork, fish, chicken, beef etc.

How do you make Indian food not smell?

Natural Neutralizer. Wipe down kitchen surfaces and cooking utensils with an odor-neutralizing solution after cooking with curry. Fill a bucket with equal parts water and vinegar. Use this mixture on your kitchen table, counters, stove range hood, cupboard doors and any other surface in your kitchen.

What is axone Northeast?

Akhuni (Assamese: আখুনি), also known as axone, is a fermented soybean product commonly used in Naga cuisine. … Axone is perhaps the most commonly used fermented product of Nagaland and the North Eastern Region of India.

What does akhuni smell like?

The pungent smell of axone (pronounced ‘akhuni’) — fermented soya bean — that the girls were discreetly using to cook a traditional pork curry, had reached every nostril in the building and raised a storm. This scene took me straight back to my own Delhi days years ago.

Is Indian food smelly?

Indian food is not smelly until they use ‘Baghar’ in some foods, which means frying some spices, red dry chillies, curry leaves, and garlic pieces to a well done brown to put over some foods. This gives a strong smell which can also get into your clothes.

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What does garam masala smell like?

What should garam masala smell like? – Quora. Black and white peppercorns. Cloves.

What causes curry smell in house?

Whether cooked at home or purchased as take-away, the pungent odor of curry lingers long after the food is consumed. Curry spices release fat-soluble oil, which causes the pungent aroma. The oil vapor is absorbed by fabrics and other porous surfaces, making the aroma difficult to remove.

What is akhuni made of?

We are talking about axone, also called akhuni, made with fermented soya beans. It comes in both powdered as well as cake form, and, sometimes, in the form of a pickle to enhance the flavour. In Nagaland, axone is considered as a common fermented product, prepared round the year by people of all tribes.

Why is axone so smelly?

Axone is fermented soya bean cakes that are used to make Akhuni pickle or added to meat dishes to enhance their flavour. … Because it is fermented it has a very pungent smell that might put off certain people but once you taste it in dishes made with it you start to appreciate it.

What is the famous food in Nagaland?

One of the famous dishes of Nagaland, Akini Chokibo is an expensive delicacy of the state. Chokibo means snails and akini refers to perilla seeds which are a type of herb belonging to the mint family. Sometimes pork or akhuni is also added to the dish.