Why is Delhi more polluted than Mumbai?

Mumbai’s southern-most point recorded worse air quality than Delhi due to a ‘lethal combination’ of low wind speeds, low temperature, and high humidity alongside vehicular pollution, according to experts.

Why is Delhi pollution so high?

A mix of factors like vehicular and industrial emissions, dust and weather patterns make Delhi the world’s most polluted capital. The air turns especially toxic in winter months as farmers in neighbouring states burn crop stubble. … Low wind speed also plays a part as it traps the pollutants in the lower atmosphere.

Is Mumbai more polluted than Delhi?

Mumbai’s air has become more toxic than Delhi’s. The Air Quality Index in South Mumbai has reached 345 points. Whereas the air quality coordinate in Delhi on Monday was 331. The air was found to be the most polluted in Colaba, Mumbai.

Why there is no pollution in Mumbai?

Any place requires wind to push whatever is locally created. “In Mumbai, there is a wind reversal that takes place every four-five days,” Beig explains, “so when winds are coming from the seaside towards the land, it sweeps away all the pollutants and replaces the polluted air with clean air.”

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Why Delhi is more polluted Quora?

One of the main reasons of increasing air pollution levels in Delhi is crop burning by the farmers in these states. Farmers burn rice stubbles in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. It is estimated that approximately 35 million tonnes of crop are set afire by these states.

Is Delhi unsafe?

According to the data, Delhi is the most unsafe city for women. Nearly 10,000 cases of crimes against women were registered in the national capital last year. … Delhi’s data in 2020 is more than twice the number of cases registered in Mumbai, Pune, Ghaziabad, Bangalore or Indore.

Why Delhi is called a mini India?

Delhi is called mini India due to following facts

In Delhi, people belonging to all religions, cultures, and ethnicities come from all over India and interact with each other. It is the metropolitan city of the country where people get jobs and all other benefits.

Who are the 10 most polluted cities?

These 3 Indian cities are part of world’s top 10 polluted places list; China, Pakistan also feature

  • Delhi, India (AQI: 556)
  • Lahore, Pakistan (AQI: 354)
  • Sofia, Bulgaria (AQI: 178)
  • Kolkata, India (AQI: 177)
  • Zagreb, Croatia (AQI: 173)
  • Mumbai, India (AQI: 169)
  • Belgrade, Serbia (AQI: 165)
  • Chengdu, China (AQI: 165)

Which city is better Mumbai or Delhi?

Delhi is far better than Mumbai where the standard of living is concerned. Though it has been in the news recently for high levels of pollution and the problem of smog, the infrastructure in Delhi is better, the roads are wider and cleaner, there is more breathing space with a lesser crowd as in comparison to Mumbai.

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Which Indian city has best air quality?

Real-time India Cleanest city ranking

# city US AQI
1 Chingleput, Tamil Nadu 6
2 Tarakeswar, West Bengal 7
3 Patrasaer, West Bengal 26
4 Kumhari, Chhattisgarh 27

Why Delhi face more air pollution than Mumbai?

Mumbai’s southern-most point recorded worse air quality than Delhi due to a ‘lethal combination’ of low wind speeds, low temperature, and high humidity alongside vehicular pollution, according to experts.

Does Mumbai have smog?


Mumbai has the highest concentration of PM10 among the 24 major cities of peninsular India. The particulate concentration rose exponentially over the last few years which has made it the most polluted city out of the three prominent coastal cities (the others are Kolkata and Chennai).

How is air quality in Mumbai?

Mumbai’s air quality ‘very poor’, worse than Delhi’s

On Tuesday, Mumbai’s overall air quality index (AQI) was 350 compared to Delhi’s 249, according to the System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR).

How polluted is Delhi Quora?

Delhi is the most polluted city in the world, however last week the air quality reached an all-time low. The WHO limit for PM2. 5 (particulate matter in size < 2.5 microns) stands at 50 ug/m3 and the national limit at 100ug/m3.

Why is the air quality worse in winter?

Cold air is denser and moves slower than warm air. This density means that cold air traps the pollution but also doesn’t whisk it away. Air pollution in winter remains in place for much longer and therefore is breathed in at a higher rate than during the summer.

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What is the major source of air pollution in NCR What do you think could be the reason for this?

Vehicular Emissions

The transport sector is the main source of PM2. 5 emissions in Delhi (28 percent of all PM2. 5 emissions). Vehicular contribution also makes up 80 percent of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide in Delhi’s air.