Is RuPay accepted outside India?

The RuPay JCB Global card can be used at RuPay card accepting points in India and JCB card accepting points outside India for PoS, E-Commerce and ATM.

Is RuPay card accepted internationally?

Is RuPay card internationally accepted? These cards are accepted across the whole country at almost all ATMs, PoS terminals, and e-commerce portals. In fact, certain RuPay cards are accepted internationally also like platinum debit/credit card & select credit card through the Discover Financial Network and JCB Network.

Is RuPay card accepted in USA?

Customers using RuPay International Card can now avail themselves of 40% cashback while performing international POS transactions in UAE, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UK, USA, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand. The content of RuPay Travel Tales is specially curated for RuPay travel and hospitality offers across the world.

In which country RuPay card is accepted?


Product type Credit card Debit card Contactless smart card Stored-value card Digital card BharatQR
Owner National Payments Corporation of India
Country India
Introduced March 2012
Markets India Singapore Bhutan Maldives Saudi Arabia UAE Bahrain Myanmar Australia South Korea International by card reciprocal agreements

How do I pay internationally with RuPay?

How to use RuPay Platinum/select cards on International e-comm websites:-

  1. visit any International websites.
  2. on payment page.
  3. select Discover, Diners Club, JCB logo (you can also use PAYPAL option if these options are not available)
  4. enter your International enabled RuPay Platinum/select cards number.
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Is VISA better than RuPay?

Card Type: RuPay card associate offers only the option of debit cards, whereas VISA offers debit as well credit cards. Safety and security: With regard to safety and security of transactions, both RuPay and VISA card associates are equally good.

Can RuPay card be used for Netflix?

Many of you always want to know why RuPay cards not support on Netflix, Paypal, Google, youtube, Erosnow etc websites? the reason is RuPay cards currently not support “recurring payments” or “Standing Instructions”. citing concerns of possible misuse, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) left this feature on RuPay cards.

Can we use RuPay card in Dubai?

National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) is association with Mercury Payments Services – UAE’s Domestic Scheme has made RuPay Cards acceptable at 175,000 merchant acceptance locations and 5,000 ATM and cash access locations within UAE.

Does RuPay card work in China?

Internationally, they are accepted on the Discover’s global network under the NPCI’s agreement with Discover Financial Services (DFS). RuPay has followed in the footsteps of its Chinese counterpart, China UnionPay. The latter began as a payment network in China in 2002.

Is RuPay accepted in Pakistan?

RuPay-JCB Global Cards also accept in Brazil, USA, Austria, Bahrain, Dubai, Pakistan, Germany, Spain & Russia.

Is RuPay Platinum debit card International?

Saraswat bank RuPay Platinum International Debit Card is designed specially to provide you with host of premium services. This card can be used at ATM and Merchants across the world.