How much does a saree cost in India?

You should expect to pay at least 6,000 rupees for a decent and authentic Kanchipuram sari, although imitation ones can cost as little as 750 rupees. Good quality Banarasi saris start from around 2,000 rupees. The simplest exquisite Paithani sari is not cheap and begins at around 10,000 rupees.

How much does the average sari cost?

Then look at prices. These can go as low as 150 rupees, but expect to pay 7,000 for a decent, authentic product. Don’t go looking for an upper limit, however, as gold thread and real handiwork can send a Sari upwards of 60,000 rupees.

Which saree is costly in India?

Navratna stones and gold embroidery- Chennai Silks used all that and more to weave the Vivaah Patu, the most expensive silk sari in the world at Rs. 40 lakh. Navratna stones and gold embroidery- Chennai Silks used all that and more to weave the ‘Vivaah Patu’, the most expensive silk sari in the world at Rs.

How much does wedding saree cost in India?

Actual Cost Of An Indian Wedding Saree

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Cost of Kanjeevaram saree- For a genuine Kanjeevaram bridal saree expect the price to range from 6000-50,000 INR or even higher up to 200000 INR. Cost of Paithani saree- An authentic, simplest and hand-woven one would be around 20,000 INR.

Are sarees expensive?

Types of Indian Sarees

Depending on the type, they can range from very affordable to highly expensive. As a matter of fact, in 2008, The Vivaah Patu, an Indian silk Saree entered the Guinness World Records as the most expensive Indian silk saree in the world when it was sold at Rs.

Why are sarees so expensive?

In a designer saree, the designer adds their own elements and brings their expertise to the garment they design. Also, in many cases, designer sarees are handpainted or hand-embroidered and customized which makes them so special and unique. … These are the reasons why the party wear designer sarees are expensive.

What is a sari in India?

The word “sari” means “strip of cloth” in Sanskrit. But for the Indian women—and a few men—who have been wrapping themselves in silk, cotton, or linen for millennia, these swaths of fabric are more than just simple garments.

What is the cost of Nita Ambani saree?

Use Of Precious Gems On The Saree

Nita Ambani’s INR 40 Lakh saree features precious gems like emerald, ruby, pukhraj, cat eye, pearl among others as per a report by kalamtimes. For jewellery, she teamed her stunning saree with a striking diamond necklace with emerald drops and matching earrings.

Why are cotton sarees expensive?

Handloom sarees in both silk and cotton are expensive to weave. A real handloom saree can be identified by its woven flow and also from its texture and weight. For example a real Banarasi silk can be checked by the floats between the grids of wraps and wefts across the saree.

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Which silk is costliest?

Mulberry silk is the finest and soft silk which is the most expensive silk fabric in the world!

How much would a Sabyasachi saree cost?

Sabyasachi sarees start from Rs. 50,000 and can go up to Rs. 3,00,000, only when you choose a very heavy saree. On average, Sabyasachi sarees cost around 1-2 lakhs, which fits much better into the budget of brides-to-be.

Why Kanchipuram saree is expensive?

Various textures, use of colorful silk and skilled craftsmanship is necessary for the making of this sari, which also makes it more expensive than most types of sarees. A traditional Kanjivaram Saree can cost around Rs. … The price of a saree depends on the quality of silk and the amount of zari work done on it.

Why silk saree is expensive?

Silkworms spin cocoons that silk producers eventually unravel and join to create the thread. Silk production costs have gone up with the introduction of synthetic fabrics like polyester.

Which type of saree is costly?

Muga Silk Saree From Assam

The Muga silk sarees are one of the most expensive sarees which are popular from Assam. They are made by a very fine qulaity of silk which is produced by a larvae that feeds on mainly two special leaves. The resulting silk obtained from this larvae is known to be one the best and unique.

Which is best saree in India?

List of 10 Best Saree Brands in India

  • BharatSthali.
  • Manish Malhotra.
  • Satya Paul.
  • Desi Butik.
  • Mimosa.
  • Fabindia.
  • Kalanjali.
  • Ritu Kumar.

Which is best saree brand?

We have compiled a list of the best saree brands in India for your convenience.

  1. Sabyasachi. Sabyasachi is a highly reputed designer brand selling various products. …
  2. BharatSthali. When looking for traditional sarees, one should look into BharatSthali. …
  3. Manish Malhotra. …
  4. Nalli Silks. …
  5. Satya Paul. …
  6. Fabindia. …
  7. Gaurang Sarees. …
  8. Ritu Kumar.
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