How can I watch the great Indian kitchen in America?

The Great Indian Kitchen received a lot of critical acclaim upon its release on the streaming platform Neestream. The Jeo Baby directorial is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Where can I see The Great Indian Kitchen movie?

Release. The film was directly released on Neestream, a Malayalam OTT platform on 15 January 2021. Several mainstream OTT platforms including Amazon Prime, GudSho OTT and Netflix and television channels rejected the film due to some scenes related to the Sabarimala woman entry issue.

Where can I watch The Great Indian Kitchen OTT?

The Great Indian Kitchen, one of the most talked about movies this year, is streaming on Neestream, Amazon Prime Video, Cinemapreneur, FilMe, GudSho, Saina Play, Limelight Media, Roots and Cave.

Is The Great Indian Kitchen available on Amazon Prime?

Critically acclaimed Malayalam film The Great Indian Kitchen, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video after initially being rejected by top OTT platforms for its controversial theme. … The Great Indian Kitchen stars Nimisha Sajayan and Suraj Venjaramood in lead roles.

Is Great Indian Kitchen removed from Amazon Prime?

Several mainstream OTT platforms rejected The Great Indian Kitchen streaming. Some of the platforms that rejected include Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and several television channels. The main reason why they did not want to show the film was because of the sensitive Sabarimala issue that was there in the film.

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Is Great Indian Kitchen in Netflix?

Jeo Baby’s acclaimed film ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ now on Amazon Prime Video. The movie was initially released on Malayalam OTT platform Neestream on January 15, after being rejected by Amazon and Netflix among others. … And now, it is finally available on Amazon Prime Videos.

Is Great Indian kitchen available in Telugu?

After receiving positive feedback for discussing gender and patriarchal issues in relationships, The Great Indian Kitchen will now be remade in Tamil and Telugu by director Kannan.

When was great Indian kitchen released?

‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ director Joe Baby reveals how and why streaming platforms like Amazon and Netflix rejected the film. … He revealed that various leading OTT platforms like Amazon Prime India and Netflix rejected the film as it did not fall into their criteria list.