Can Indian learn Korean language?

Many Indians learning Korean language – thanks to popularity of K-Pop. Popularity of Korean language in India seems to be growing with many youngsters learning it after being fascinated by K-pop, a popular genre of music of that country.

How long does it take an Indian to learn Korean?

In general, it will take about 1200 hours to reach a higher intermediate level of Korean skills. You will need additional practice, so you may want to double that number to 2400 hours to get towards fluency using this simple math.

Is Korean easy to learn for Hindi speakers?

Due to different word order it becomes very difficult to translate English sentences in to Korean or vice versa. But if you try the same thing through Hindi or most other Indian language, it becomes super easy and makes perfect sense. … Learning Korean pronunciation through Hindi is not only easy but also very efficient.

Can a Indian girl become a KPOP Idol?

Only contestants from India can apply for this contest, Indian who lived out of country can also apply for Kpop contest. The age of candidate should be 14 years or above than 14 years at the time of registration. All the candidates can apply in singing and dancing as well.

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What can I do if I learn Korean?

If you are in the mood for adventure, learning Korean and making it your make-up is an excellent idea — for that.

  1. Career as a Korean translator. …
  2. Korean interpreter jobs. …
  3. Jobs in Korean companies. …
  4. Career as a Korean Teacher. …
  5. Jobs in MNC. …
  6. Export houses and business. …
  7. Jobs at Korean Embassy. …
  8. Tourism and hospitality industry.

Which Indian language is similar to Korean?

Tamil & Korean: Two Languages That Are More Similar Than They Appear – Homegrown.

Which is the toughest language in the India?


Google declares Malayalam (the official language of Kerala State) to be the most difficult language in India. When compared to any other language in India, it is both difficult to learn and to pronounce. It may be the world’s second most difficult language, behind Chinese.

What is the fees of Korean language in India?

Diploma in Korean Courses: Highlights

Duration 6 months to 2 years
Admission Process Entrance or Merit
Fees INR 7,200 – INR 9,000
Higher Study Options Higher degree courses, job opportunities as Translator, Interpreter, Teacher, etc.
Average Salary INR 50,000- INR 2,00,000 per annum

How do Indians learn Korean language?

It’s official: The Korean language is the fastest-growing language among Indians. Thanks to the influence of K-pop and Netflix’s cult hit “Squid Game,” Indian youths are now rushing to learn Korean, according to a survey by popular language-learning app Duolingo.

Does Korean use an alphabet?

Hangul is the writing system of the Korean language. Hangul is made up of 10 consonants and 14 vowels, making it an alphabet with a total of 24 letters. It is the official writing system in South Korea and North Korea (where it is known as Chosŏn muntcha), and it is used by diaspora Koreans across the world.

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Which Indian girl is in Kpop?

Shreya Lenka, an 18-year-old from Odisha, is on the verge of becoming India’s first K-pop artiste. Lenka is one of two finalists chosen from a global audition process to fill a vacancy in the South Korean girl group Blackswan. Lenka will join the band as the fifth member if she defeats Gabriela Dalcin of Brazil.

How can an Indian girl join BTS?

Interested contenders can apply online for Bighitentertainment Auditions 2022. You can visit the official portal and submit the application form. After that official team will shortlist all the applicants.

Does JYP accept Indian?

Qualification for JYP Audition

Any nationality like ok South Korean, Indian, Chinese, Bangladeshi or any other ration can apply for this show.