Best answer: How many days should I spend in India?

That said, we recommend spending 2 weeks in India to truly enjoy the country by visiting the well-trodden, prominent sights and also experiencing the lesser-visited destinations such as the Indian Himalayas, the coastal regions of Kerala and Goa, the cultural offerings of Punjab, and the natural settings of Meghalaya.

How many days would it take to travel around India?

As erik and Dego said India is big country and not possible to see in short span of time but I think you can cover all India tour if you have desire to see north and south but a lilttle fast mode….it will take atleast 80-90 days.

Is 3 weeks enough in India?

India travel tip #21: Even though a 3 week India itinerary sounds like plenty of time, India is so big you need may way more than 3 weeks. It’s also really easy to want to try and squeeze in as many places as possible in that time, but my biggest tip is to not plan too much.

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Is India expensive to visit?

India is commonly known as one of the least expensive destinations for travelers, especially for budget travelers. … For those of you on the tightest of budgets, you could survive here in India with a daily spending limit of $15 USD per day.

What is the best month to go to India?

The best time to visit India is between October and March, when the weather is more likely to be warm, sunny, and dry. During this time, the north offers clear blue skies. However, December and January are much cooler, with potential fog, while the higher Himalaya can be very cold, but with clearer mountain views.

How can I cover my entire India?

Bucket List – 10 Road Trips to Cover All of India

  1. Leh & Srinagar:
  2. East Coast:
  3. 10 – 15 Days, 2000 Km, Nov – Feb. …
  4. West Coast:
  5. 10 – 15 Days, 2500 Km, Nov-Feb. …
  6. Road to Bhutan:
  7. 7 – 10 Days, 1000 Km, Oct–Apr. …
  8. Western Ghats:

How can I see my whole India?

Here is the brief itinerary on Best of India in 50 days that cover whole of India

  1. Day 1: Arrive New Delhi.
  2. Day 2: New Delhi sightseeing and drive to Dharmshala.
  3. Day 3: Arrive Dharamshala and sight seeing.
  4. Day 4: Early morning drive to Amritsar and visit Jalianwala Bagh.

Where should I go for a week in India?

Here is a list of places one can explore to enjoy budget trips in India.

  • Alleppey – The Venice Of The East.
  • Goa – The Land Of Beaches.
  • Pondicherry – The French Town.
  • Gokarna – The Less Crowded Goa.
  • Rishikesh – The Yoga Capital.
  • Darjeeling – The Land Of Thunderbolt.
  • McLeodganj – The Little Lhasa.
  • Sikkim – The Organic State.
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Is Delhi in Uttar Pradesh?

Delhi is located in Northern India, at28.61°N 77.23°E. The city is bordered on its northern, western, and southern sides by the state of Haryana and to the east by that of Uttar Pradesh (UP). Two prominent features of the geography of Delhi are the Yamuna flood plains and the Delhi ridge.

What is detailed itinerary?

It is a day by day itinerary. It includes suggestions for what to do on each day, suggested routes and general information, tailored to fit each day of your tour.

How much is a meal in India?

Meals at nice restaurants can set you back by approx. INR 250-400 (3-6 USD/ EUR) per meal, per person. This price would not include alcohol. If you plan to go to fine dining restaurants, eat at five-star hotels with a great view then a meal can cost anywhere between INR 1,000-2,500 (12-35 USD/EUR) per meal, per person.

What is the cheapest country?

Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live In (Global average = 100) – Global Economy

  • Sudan – 38.29.
  • Kyrgyzstan – 40.38.
  • Azerbaijan – 40.56.
  • Burma – 41.08.
  • Sierra Leone – 41.32.
  • Nepal – 41.85.
  • India – 42.86.
  • Tajikistan – 43.51.

How safe is India?

How Safe Is India Really? Generally speaking, India is mostly safe for tourists. Violent crime isn’t common in this country, especially not against foreigners, while petty theft does exist but it is more prominent in areas frequented by tourist.

What should I avoid in India?

10 things you should never eat or drink while travelling in India

  • Tap water. The first rule of travelling in India is to never drink tap water. …
  • Raw fruit and vegetables. …
  • Gol gappe. …
  • Golas. …
  • Meat from street vendors. …
  • Cheese. …
  • Bhut jolokia. …
  • Too much spicy food.
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Do they use toilet paper in India?

Toilet paper is not standard use in India. Rather, squat toilets are the standard type of toilet and it is expected that you will clean yourself afterward using water from a hand bidet sprayer, butterfly jet, hand shower or even a bucket of water.

What is the cheapest time to fly to India?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to India

Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to India is April.