Surgical strikes India

In the aftermath of Feb 26th, Pakistan claims only a lot of trees were felled (ecoterrorism-; the fact is these trees were felled along with the deadly terrorist camps they were harbouring.

Listen to how some brilliant personality was inspired by this scenario:

Me: Bhai, why have you got the tree outside my house cut and destroyed?

Neighbour: In your own interest, bhaisaab.

Me: How’s that? (The branches of the tree in question were coming inside my house, providing much-needed shade, greenery plus the sweet chirping of birds).

Neighbour: Look, it brings snakes also (there was a snake which had come last year, providing some cause for concern to my neighbours. I was however nonchalant- it went back after some time)

Me: But the other trees (including outside and inside your own house) are intact. Snakes don’t come there?

Neighbour: Look, this is a selective surgical strike (I was away from home when the assault on the tree happened)

Me: Hmmmmmm, I understand, but bhai, trees give us shade and cool.

Neighbour: Look, trees also harbor terrorists (for eg. snakes).Look what happened in Pakistan? I am acting in national interest.

Me: I get your point, saab. Jai Hind! (aur kya boloon?)

Jai Ho ! Ecoterrorism on this side of the border!

Disclaimer: Did this situation really happen in actual life with an actual neighbour? “ I am not supposed to tell you that !!” Resemblance to all persons, dead or living, to the persons in this article, are purely coincidental !!!



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