Tiruvannamalai Chronicles: Yoga on the hill

“This Hill is the Self”, so said Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Verily, the Arunachala Hill is like the true Self…silent, resilient and without attributes(unadulterated by good or bad) .Once you draw up closer to it, stilling your mind and body, you understand why it is called Siva Himself.It is impossible to resist the charm of this wooded outcrop which has attracted sages since times immemorial.
At Tiruvannamalai (Tiru) last week, I did the hill trip one of the days with Harry from Pune, who said he could feel the vibrations.There has been some research about the electromagnetic energy emitted by this hill, which has, geologically speaking, some of the oldest rocks on the planet.
I finally fulfilled my cherished desire…did Yoga on the hill, with the magnificent Annamalaiyar temple in the background. I don’t know when I can visit next.But Arunachala is inside me forever. Because it is Me.
Om Arunachala.
P.S. My preferred vocation in the next life? Tour guide on Arunachala !!😆But don’t spread the word of Arunachala too much !!With the number of people on the hill going up by the day, the Arunachala Ironman Heptathlon event won’t be far off, and I will be squeezed out of my Yoga !!🤣😎

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