Ode to a city maiden

I recently visited Hyderabad (no, not Bhagyanagar) for work, the city where I spent a formidable part of my life. I have a two-generation connection with Hyderabad, since this is where my father and my uncle started their working lives. As did I ,post -MHA.My Mom and Dad started their married life here, and so did I.

I have been coming here since 1995, and I remember that in my childhood, my father used to take bags of Potol , i.e.Parwal (vegetable popular in Bengal but not available much in Hyderabad back then) for my uncle, and bring back grapes (well cultivated in the Deccan) for us whenever he visited for work or personal reasons. Oh my, did I look forward eagerly to those grapes !!!!

The city has grown a lot since then, but still retains its warmth and the old world charm, the essentially Deccani decency of the Qutb Shahis and the Nizams. Added to that is the contribution of people from all across India (actually, world) who have settled here, be they from Seemandhra, Maharashtra,Bengal or other places. Hyderabad is truly cosmopolitan, and Andhra Pradesh to Telangana has been a relatively smooth transition.

I found the city charming as ever, though it is evolving every day. Hyderabad remains Maanaa Hyderabad (“My Hyderabad” in Telugu).

Lots of memories about this place, where I studied, worked, enjoyed and loved. Let the poem speak of my feelings for this city:

Ode to a city maiden

“What are these feelings that leave my eyes moist
Every time I leave you?
This tingling of the nerves, muted breath
And throwback to a different time?

It was not quite long back that I saw you
For the first time- only 24 years to be precise;
It took only but a few days to love
Your multilayered hues.

Hyderabad, what shall I call you
When people are trying to rename you Bhagyanagar?
You turned my Bhagya (Luck) around for sure.
Can I just call you Maanaa Hyderabad?

I left you many years back,
More than a decade in fact,
Tears welling in my eyes;
Shall I consider the tears that roll today
As descendants to those?

Your pearls, your minarets,
Your clarion call to the faithful,
Your Irani cafes, your cuisine;
You even made me break my frugal diet this time,
By falling for your succulent Biriyani.

I have loved you,
And many others within your precincts,
I have seen, heard, touched, smelt and felt you;
The saline breeze of Hussain Sagar
Still fresh on my skin .

Your rocks, your lakes,
Your ornate buildings,
Charminar and Golconda,
The city of the Nizams and Qutb Shahis,
Your charm of a world
Where everything is slow.
“Hallu hallu chal”(go slow),
That’s what they said.

And today, the gleaming shops, hotels,
And towering workplaces,
The airport which still looks new,
Where the security persons care to
Joke with the passengers;
Just like the frivolous banter
At numerous roadside chai stalls.

But I do remember Secunderabad junction,
The neat railway station
Where I had landed many moons ago.

Different milieu, different life today,
Life moves on, and events fade out,
People become enmeshed in the daily run,
But I still love you dearly;
Ever-growing yet generously warm edifice of a city,
Which will always be home,
Because home is where the heart resides.









































Roadside Art











Birla Mandir


















At Kamath, an old-time restaurant which I had first visited in 1995

















Hyderabad Metro


Ameerpet Main Road


Hyderabad retains its old ways-feeding roadside pigeons
With Devipriya Garu, poet, journalist and ad person of repute
Man at work
Once upon a time,  I was here
Hotel Green Park, a legacy hotel, associated with many memories
Roadside art
Roadside art


Hyatt Place, Banjara Hills Road No.1
Roadside mosque, on the way to the airport
Roadside Art
Metro Station
With Dr. Aachi Mithin, my classmate at KMC- today a leading Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon , plus a singer, writer, painter- a man for all seasons and of all colours


Hyderabad Central- stone’s throw from my ex-residence


Punjagutta- The neighbourhood where I used to live
Jalagam Vengala Rao ( I shortened it to JVR) Park- I used to jog here
Outside Karachi Bakery with a friend
Buddha at Green Park


Hyderabad International Airport



Leaving her behind .. hopefully to come back again


4 thoughts on “Ode to a city maiden

  1. Shri Devipriya garu introduced me your blog of this which is awesome in one way or the other. Your passion towards healthcare, travel, food like biryani, poetry and last but not least my ‘ Hyderabad’ which is vindicated from your poetry bla..bla..! By the way, let me introduce myself quickly as an artist worked in a poetry book in your hand “Sleeping with the rainbow” and having drawn artworks concomitant to the poems in that book which you liked more as told by the master poet. Best of luck. – Varchaswee.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Varchaswee Garu
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I am happy you liked my poem- my attempt was to depict Hyderabad as my lover which she has been since a long time- the only city I left crying copiously ( c. 2006) .
      Your illustrations were equally good as the poetry. Simple, yet depictive. After a long time, I really enjoyed reading poetry. In fact, the master poet’s poetry inspired my one.
      Good luck to you. I hope to meet you and Devipriya Garu again. Could I have your phone number?


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