Tiruvannamalai Chronicles-Happy Advent Day

Happy Advent day…

Today is Advent Day. On September 1st, 1896, Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, then a sixteen year old boy, arrived at Arunachala, the Holy Hill of the Beacon Light,in Tiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu…. 

One hundred and twenty two years later, his powerful presence continues to capture the hearts of sincere seekers and guide them to their final destination, the Divine Self in the Heart of all…

Presenting the first three verses of his epic work, Upadesha Saram (the essence of instruction). It teaches us that true Karma Yoga is not frentic, mindless, workaholic pursuit, but dedicated,selfless work submitted to the Divine.

Om Namo Arunachala Shiva. Om Namo Ramana.


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