RIP Vajpayeeji

The architect of “Shining India.” Never mind that the slogan wasn’t of much use in the 2004 elections, but he laid the foundations for today’s economic , infrastructural and social progress. If you matured in your career in the early 21st Century, you could not miss the “can do” spirit of that age. Today’s NDA and BJP are fortunate in inheriting that legacy.

He inspired us with Kargil and Pokhran and by his poetry and wit.

Above all, the cleanest Prime Minister of our times, the “Bhishma Pitamah ” of Indian politics, more a statesman than a politician, the first among the greats, admired by the opposition and partymen alike.

My late father, a no- nonsense man, was a great admirer of Vajpayeeji.

I am sad his illness didnt find much mention in the last 2 months. Are our political figures expendable after they retire or become ill? 

Somewhere I feel a sense of personal loss. The death of a political leader has never before brought tears to my eyes. A poet at heart mourning a poet politician?

RIP, Vajpayeeji . We will remember you and your legacy.…/atal…/articleshow/65424322.cms…


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