The many faces of Holi

The season of colours is here again. Holi is the time when  people let down their inhibitions, supposedly forget their rivalries and join together to celebrate the passing of the winter and ushering in the Spring. In that sense, it is India’s very own “ Springfest.”

Here are some snippets of this colourful festival




                               Holy(i) Warrior


                         The Warrior again


                           She loves Holi, too 🙂






                                                  They happily posed for me:)



                                                        What a hairstyle!!



                                                                Lion King !



                 Driving on Holi is colourful


                                                          Be merry, for it’s Holi 🙂



                                                  Proceedings of the Holy(i) darbar


Serious conversations- ” Is the government going to fall tonight?”


                                            Yours truly

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