Movie “ PK” – a review


I saw the movie “PK” ( directed by Rajkumar Hirani, starring Aamir Khan, Anoushka Sharma, Boman Irani and Sanjay Dutt) recently ( yes, after all these years!).

You can find the plot of the movie here( won’t repeat it for the sake of brevity):

And here’s my review of the movie:


An average movie (6.5/10) no doubt. It doesn’t really reach the level of “ 3 Idiots” (difficult to match that one) , but yet it is entertaining , has its share of drama and emotions, and  teaches us mostly what we already know and feel, thanks to these infamous “Babas” and their antics.



So here’s my take on the movie:



  • It has a social relevance and has a message that God as interpreted by many Godmen ( though not all) and Godliness are separate concepts. Well-delivered on that count.
  • Good acting. In fact, I should say Aamir Khan has done a difficult job wonderfully well. Anoushka Sharma is bubbly as usual. Sanjay Dutt is top brass, and Boman Irani is, well, Boman Irani!
  • It’s an entertaining movie overall other than the crass and distasteful Lord Shiva- chasing scene (more on that later).
  • Locations well chosen and good cinematography. Both Rajasthan and Delhi look beautiful!
  • Innovative hilarious concepts like the “dancing car” ( reminds you of the “ kissing car” of  “ Lage Raho Munnabhai.” Hirani is a master of these- after all, he is an innovative adman.


  • One REALLY GROSS scene of PK chasing Lord Shiva from the toilet to the prayer hall, his underwear showing in the process. Rajkumar Hirani is already an acclaimed director- he doesn’t have to resort to this kind of drama to get his point across. The scene could have been done in a more tasteful way, I really hoped the censor board had guts enough to delete that scene.
  • It gets preachy at times (and boy! don’t we Indians love preachers?Something familiar here? See the connect?)
  • Logicality missing at many times (even in a basic context like why Jaggu never called Sarfaraz back after the missed marriage), but I think we can overlook that part in a Bollywood comedy context. Yahan, jo bikta hai, woh dikhta hai!
  • The scenes are a bit repetitive at times and trying to rehash 3 Idiots/ Munnabhai. Yaar, Hiranibhai, hardam ek hi saboon bikta hai kya?
  • Stereotypes largely based on one particular community. He could have done a wider take. I could write of legions of other issues that need to be highlighted,but anyways, let it go. It’s just a movie.

At the end of the movie, though, I was thinking, probably a bit innocently, if PK had been showing chasing Prophet Mohammad, Jesus Christ or Guru Nanak instead of Lord Shiva in that crass scene (God forbid!), would our pseudo- secularists and liberal media have been equally amused? And would have Mr. Aamir Khan been equally calm and nonchalant? And wouldn’t both Mr. Khan and Mr.Hirani have had to ask for police cover? Probably prompting the “secular” Congress and the “liberal” Left to declare him a “hero”?



Just innocent querries in the mind of a peace-loving law-abiding citizen in a secular country. After all, the biggest religious scam in recent times is that of Baba Gurmeet Singh Rahim last year, who was by no stretch of imagination a Hindu Godman and whose supporters went on violent riot when he was arrested.

I wholeheartedly welcome the questioning of superstitions and false religious beliefs of all religions, but am really dismayed to see such crass and cheap drama in highlighting these issues (I refer to that one scene here and nothing else).  Probably Hirani doesn’t know that Shiva has nothing to do with Hindu extremism or arcane rituals- more than a God, Shiva is a humanistic concept who needs deeper study to understand . Probably Sri Sri could have handed him a copy of the “ Shiva Sutras” (from what I read, he did his filming in Sri Sri’s Bangalore ashram).

But who expects such sensitivity from commercial filmmakers, anyway? They are here to “ sell”, and PK has sold well. Old wine in new bottle, but good job done anyway.


I continue to love “3 Idiots” and the Munnabhai series (my favourite set of movies), and would never support a ban on any movie, PK or Padmavati or any others. By doing that, we are playing into the hands of religious fanatics. People have brains, I hope. Let them decide what’s right and what’s wrong. A film is a film and let’s not read too much into it. But I feel Rajkumar Hirani could have been a bit more balanced and a little less brazen.

Final take

It’s worth at least one viewing. Enjoy it, but don’t really expect to learn much new that you don’t know already. After all, the Gurmeet MSG episode happened after and not before “ PK”


These are my personal opinions.Needless to say, you are entitled to your own opinions in this democratic and secular country.


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