The human, the spiritual and the divine- 1- Ego about possessions

I am starting the most important phase of my life. The spiritual phase. Suffice to say that the spirit is taking over those parts which the body and mind cannot.

And so I thought, why not share the spiritual knowledge I have gained over the last few years, into easily comprehensible information for others? I don’t fancy myself as a spiritual guru (though I would love to be one, but a genuine one), but I can definitely try to tell a few stories😊 that might amuse people.

I see the spirit as a connect between humanity and divinity. Spirituality divorced from human concerns is not spirituality, that’s what the spiritual philosophy of Baba Bulleh Shah emphasized upon. And spirituality limited to human efforts without the involvement of divinity and the cosmic consciousness is not spirituality either.

The truth is, spirituality is a synthesis of both humanity and divinity.

Reaching upwards

You don’t have to run to the Himalayas and wear ashes to be spiritual. You can do it from your home and your society. And by behaving in a spiritual way. I have converted my bedroom into a temple and yoga room, which is why I visit temples only occasionally ( even though there’s a temple right behind my house).

religion spirituality venn2_0

Are spiritual people mad? I don’t know and I frankly don’t want to know. But what I know is that spiritual people look at life from a very different angle, a different view and paradigm. And that spares them much of the frustrations that human existence eventually brings to the fore.


This is my humble attempt to present that view. You can accept it or reject it according to your temperament and conviction. Either  way, God bless you.

And so, without further ado, here goes….

The human, the spiritual and the divine- 1

Ego about Possessions- a practical take

The story of Emperor Abraham and the beggar

A beggar came to the palace of Abraham the emperor, and asked for the person in charge of the pilgrims’ rest house.

The beggar

The guard at the gate, shocked, retorted, “This is no pilgrims’ rest house, it is the palace of Abraham the Emperor.

” It is the same thing. I would like to meet the person in- charge of this rest house.”,replied the beggar.

The guard tried to argue with the beggar several times, but then, frustrated, went to Abraham, who called the beggar inside.

King Abimelech
Emperor Abraham

Seeing the radiant, dignified appearance of the beggar, Abraham was impressed.  He asked the latter why he had insulted the palace by calling it a pilgrims’ resthouae.

“Your majesty, you say that I have insulted this palace” replied the beggar, “Well, I had come to this place ten years before and there was someone else at the throne.”

“Yes, that was my father”, replied Abraham.

” I had come here thirty years back and there was yet someone else.”

” Yes, that was my grandfather.”

“Your Majesty,” replied the beggar,”There was someone before you yesterday and someone else before that, and there will someone else tomorrow. You believe that this place is yours, while the truth is, people will come and go, no one will stay forever. So how is this place different from a pilgrims’ rest house?”

The truth struck the emperor like a bolt of lightning, and truly purged to his senses, he abdicated this throne and turning it over to other people, left his palace for a spiritual life.


We are all proud and possessive of our large house or dazzling apartment, our fancy car, our gadgets, our latest cellphone/ laptop, our fancy clothes, our jewellery.We love to show off our possessions to others, even at times judge others on the basis of their possessions. Nothing really bad about the first one (not the second one), but the fact is, we are all just caretakers of these articles. There was someone before us and there will be someone after us, to take these possessions.

Love to have this?

Your house belonged to your father and grandfather before you, and will belong to your son/daughter after you. So what is the big deal about, really? Just the fact that you spent crores on it? Is that what the Ego trip about? Well, there are people with larger houses than yours, and others with smaller houses. Ever compared yourself to the Ambanis?

I read a humorous article recently about Mukesh Ambani’s struggle in finding his lost BMW car key in his 27-storied fancy residence, Antilia, and boy, was it funny! At the end of the struggle, which lasted three days, he had to call in a chopper from Germany to deliver his duplicate car keys!!

Antilia Tower
Amazing, isn’t it? Apparently, till you consider the intricacies

Absurd? Well, there are many people who salivate at the prospect of ever being let inside Antilia. And if I remember correctly, the crowed outside Shahrukh Khan’s palatial house , Mannat, at Bandra Bandstand, in 2004, was pretty large, waiting patiently for his  “ darshan”  and to see his palatial house.


I love Sharukh as an actor, but wouldn’t be caught dead geeking at his palace.

Someone I used to know in Calcutta, many years back, used to show off his bathroom with the latest fittings (Jaguar) and exquisite design, to all his neighbours and relatives, as if it were an exhibit worthy of being featured in the press ( his model being the five star hotels where he stayed). Today he has passed away, God bless him, and the cherished bathroom is today in a paler, though functional shape, shorn of the glory of its heydeys.

Loos are, well.. loos !!

It is only in use when I use it. That’s all the clue that I will give you. I have stayed at the best five-star hotels, and believe me, you can get tired of the fancy loo sooner than you can imagine. 

Take your latest cellphone. It may be the in-thing today, but will it be so even after 3 years? You will trade it for another one, and it will become someone else’s. Does it really matter whether you buy the latest one ( at the latest price) even if you can’t afford it ( and thus run up hefty EMIs) or do with one that meets your purpose? I know people with salaries of Rs. 15,000/- pm who buy a cellphone with twice or thrice that amount (running up EMI loans). I am using a second hand Asus cellphone that might cost no more than Rs.6000/ – presently, but am delighted by its features. In fact, I have blogged from it several times, I sing on Starmaker from it, it takes good pictures, and yes, it also calls, messages and surfs pretty decently.

Sure you need this even if it burns a hole in your pocket?

What is all the Ego trip and the valour about possessions about, really? There will always be people richer and poorer than us. Why not be humble, knowing that we have come from the dust and will go back to the dust, leaving behind our possessions behind for our successors? Why not enjoy life with what we have, and what we can afford, while we can? And in the process, save ourselves from debts and Credit card defaults?

The debt wall !!!

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