The power of Bahubali

Jai Bahubali! Yesterday, I finally saw“Bahubali 2- The Conclusion” at home. I know, you would say” finally? Very early indeed” .Whatever, the VCD was  there with me since the last one year, but my laziness prevented me from viewing it so far.


The storyline is fairly well known. So I won’t repeat it. Suffice to say, Bahubali the warrior king and later Senapati and still later common man, fights against injustice as first  father(Mahendra Bahubali) and then son (Amarendra Bahubali), and saves the kingdom of Mahishmati from doom, at the hands of the cruel monarch, his own brother, Bhallaladeva ( Phew, shortest review ever !! )You can find the entire thing at :

Now the good things first. This is ONE visual spectacle that you should NOT miss. Reminding you of “ The Lord of the Rings”, this movie will engross you with its extravagant theme, sets, costumes and the grand scenery – one of the costliest Indian movies ever made, at Rs. 250 million. It earned back its money (excellent ROI- Return on Investment @ Rs.1760 crores in India and outside India).It is very much a grand Tollywood ( Telugu film industry) presentation, with the dialogues and spectacles so reminiscent of our dear Tollywood movies ( I simply love their mannerisms!)


The second good thing- the story line, though a bit clichéd, is still decent enough with turns and twists. After all, who would expect Katappa the uncle to kill Bahubali the cousin? And, who would expect Ranima Sivagami to finally turn against her own son, Bhallaladeva?


The third good thing about the movie- though a Tollywood production, it moves out of the narrow confines of North / South, Dravidian/ Aryan boundaries. The story could have been based anywhere- Vijayanagara, Pataliputra (in fact, there is an allusion to Pataliputra in the movie), Marathawada (the women, especially their way of wearing the Sari, and their noserings, remind us of Maharashtrian ladies). It is truly a pan-Indian film in its ethos.


The fourth good thing- the strong female characters (quite a change from the usual Tollywood ethos). Both Sivagami and Devasena come across as strong, determined characters.  Godspeed all power to the women of Tollywood!


The bad things? I found one- the excessive violence in the movie (decapitations, piercing with spears, immolation in fire ). We could have done without it. This is one movie kids are going to see and enjoy -the goriness could have been spared. Even adults are not too immune to goriness.


So, the final conclusion from ” The Conclusion?” Overall, I would not hesitate to give it a 4.5/ 5.

Jai Bahubali ! We look forward to more from S.S. Rajamouli.


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