The day I met Amma

It’s been more than a year since Amma passed away. Here’s to the memory of a truly outstanding lady.

World beneath the feet


It is not everyday that one gets to meet the  Chief Minister of a state, especially a high- profile one such as the redoubtable and formidable Jayalalitha, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. I had this opportunity in 2013, when I was working with Global Hospitals in Chennai.
The occassion came  when a renowned  Malayali actress, Sugumari,was admitted to our hospital. She seemed to be quite an icon of the Malayali matinee world, and had a sizeable following in South India. Admitted to the ICU with burns, incurred while cooking in her kitchen , she was of the VVlP category, with even the Chairman of the hospital concerned about her well- being ,and the media following her progress  in eager attendance.  But all this was nothing compared to the fanfare surrounding Amma’s visit.
Exactly two days before Amma came in, the health minister of Tamil Nadu did a recce…

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