Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji .Art of Living. People have mixed feelings about him I know. Natural, after the recent brouhaha regarding babas. But having studied his philosophy in detail, having attended his courses, and having stayed at the Art of Living ashram last year, I can vouch for the fact that he is doing a lot of good work in the spiritual and social workspace. I can’t belittle Baba Ramdev or Jaggi Guru or Mata Amritaji since they are doing good work too ( though I  recoil at the name of Ram Rahim, who is nothing but a thug ), but Sri Sri is a league apart.

OK,I am not able to do Sudarshan Kriya daily, but Gurudev’s teachings, practical and profound at the same time,  strike a chord with me. I can’t follow all of it, but whenever I need guidance, his teachings are there to show the way.

A person who says that Ego is  a natural part of our existence and doesn’t belittle wordliness and monetary efforts is being honest and not hypocritical like some religious leaders who preach austerity but gather riches under the carpet. His teachings veer quite close to scientific spirituality, that is ,open to reasoning, introspection and improvement.

Marketing? Larger than life persona? Controversies?Who cares? I may not buy many of his products since I don’t believe in blind idolizing and judging things on merit, but as long as he is doing substantially good work, I am ready to overlook all that. No one is perfect.

It was a good experience meeting Guruji at the picturesque Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore.Even better was the fact that he led the guided meditation session at the beautiful Visalatchi Mandap. It was a lovely, calm,serene experience.

Jai Gurudev.For those who think JGD or Jai Gurudev is simply a ploy to market a larger than life persona of Sri Sri, the fact is, it actually means, “I bow to the greatness in you.” That is, it acknowledges the fact that we all are great in some way. It is a way of acknowledging the greatness inherent in all human beings. Acknowledge the good, overlook the bad.



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