Vignettes at Patratu Dam-1

Patratu. I can’t seem to stop writing about this place, for this is precisely where I head to when I need a break from the grime and chaos of city life in Ranchi. Yes, my favourite place  has featured a number of times on my blog :

This place of serenity,barely 30 km from Ramgarh and 45 km from Ranchi, is marked by a  number of attractions, which includes the Patratu Dam.This huge water body supplies water to Ramgarh cantonment area as well as the main reservoir of Patratu Thermal Power Plant (PTPS).The dam has huge capacity and if given a facelift, would definitely attract tourists from different areas.

The dam was made to store water of the Nalkari River; this is the main attraction of Patratu. One can see flying fish at sunrise by sitting at the edge of the dam. There is a tunnel below the dam which connects two villages of Patratu-  Labga and Hariharpur, which has been closed due to security reasons .

The place provides a sense of calm and serenity, quite a change from the hustle and bustle of city life. These pictures were taken last month, and show the barrage on the Patratu Dam. Though aged with time, this structure holds a very important place for Ranchi and its environs,and is a popular place for an evening stroll, especially amongst couples.

Here’s to Patratu once more !!

Patratu Dam (1)Patratu Dam (2)Patratu Dam (3)Patratu Dam (5)Patratu Dam (6)Patratu Dam (7)Patratu Dam (8)Patratu Dam (9)Patratu Dam (10)Patratu Dam (11)Patratu Dam (12)

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