Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Kolkata

At BITM, Kolkata

World beneath the feet

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum ( BITM) , Kolkata, situated on Gurusaday Road, Kolkata, is the oldest Science museum in the City of Joy. It’s a lovely place that mixes fun with learning, for children and adults alike, and makes for a memorable and interesting visit.

We arrived at 11am on a cool winter morning. Aarshi has always loved visiting this place, and sure enough, it’s a virtual wonderland for kids. On one hand, you have gadgets that demystify science into pleasurable details. On the other hand, you have a play area for kids, featuring everything from a life-size playhouse, to trampoline balls, large-screen football games, to giant building blocks. And then you have the mock coal mine, TV station, toytrain etc… it all completes the picture.

As good luck would have it, Aarshi met her friend Prama at the museum. And the two fell into their ritual of games…

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