Getaway at Getalsud

Getalsud. “Come again, what –sud?”, you would ask. Well, Getalsud is the name of a prominent lake some 35 km from Ranchi city.

Getalsud dam is a popular picnic spot and a favorite spot for an outing at any time. Built on the Subarnarekha river in 1971, it has a huge reservoir which supplies drinking water to a large part of this city.

Getalsud dam has a catchment area of 717 km2 , and a full reservoir level of 1,954 ft. To put it into perspective, the full reservoir level is more than half a kilometer, nearly the height of a 200 storey building.Imagine a lake of this size, overflowing with gutso during the monsoons, and visualize the water gushing out into a canal at a wild force. That’s what you see in these pictures. Getalsud unleashed!

Taken on the holiday of Janmashtami, when a large crowd gathered at this place to enjoy the sight of Getalsud unleashed, these pictures show the sheer natural beauty of the place. I talked with the locals and came to know that the water from the dam is released only in the monsoons when it overflows, and travels all along the canal, to reach the power generation station at Sikidiri, some 12 km away. Additionally, it serves the purpose of agriculture, and drinking water.Getalsud dam is also a prominent fishing spot,and a sizeable amount of Ranchi’s fish supply comes from here.

Along with Ravi and Paromita, I had a good outing, enjoying the lush natural beauty of the area and the antics of the crowds. “Selfitis” and “Clickomania” were on full display, and we gleefully joined in.It was also fun crossing the narrow, creaking wooden bridge across the canal, though not without some trepidation.

Here’s to Getalsud,the perfect place for a weekend outing.

(photographs taken with my  Nokia Lumia 730 and digitally  edited)

The  barrage  overflows
2(1)_Enjoying the show
Enjoying the show
2(2)_Precipituously placed
Precariously placed
3_Gurgling water
Gurgling water
4_Getalsud overflows
Getalsud overflows
5_ The channel
The overflowing canal
6(1)_Photo mania
Photo mania
6(2)_ By the waters
By the waters
8_Smile please
Smile please !!!
9_The clicker
The pro photographer at work
1_Lost in thoughts
Lost in thoughts
11_Enjoying the show
Yours truly
12_Picnic atmosphere
Picnic atmosphere
13_Gurgling waters
Gurgling waters
14_Catch me if you can
Catch me if you can
15_Crossing the waters
Crossing the waters
16_The bridge
The bridge

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