Ram Navami


Ram Navami, that time of the year when madness takes  over. A chap in a curious hairstyle ( bleached hair with curls) , face  painted  in multicolour,  holding a  scepter, roams about.  A muscular man wearing a religious bandana ( head band) rushes into the scene brandishing a stout stick, gyrating like a man in tremors.He would have put Govinda in his heydays to shame.   Three brightly-dressed children with faces painted, arrive on the scene in a modified tom tom (rickshaw) dressed as Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman. The crowd breaks into a rapture of ” Jai Shri Ram.”

Its celebration time at BIT, Mesra,Ranchi,folks.

Ram  Navami,  the festival  that  celebrates  the  appearance  of Lord Rama at  Ayodhya, is in full swing  at Ranchi.

Meanwhile, on the road, gangs of people brandishing the religious bandana, roam about , the rowdy element very prominent among them. They brandish swords, as if ready to cut down people at the first opportunity.

Ram Navami is a devout festival of North India,at the end of 9 days of Chaith Navratri (Navratri in spring season ). The rowdiness quotient is as high as the devotion quotient, but I guess that’s ok with people here,as long as they enjoy.

The gentle  Ram would  have fainted  seeing his  devotees on the  roads  in this  fashion, but  that  is quite  another  story !!

Jai  Shri  Ram !!


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