Flights of fancy

Indigo  @10,000 ft.. cruising  high  above  the  ground amidst the clouds, on board  Flight  485, Bangalore-  Ranchi.   Pin  it on the fluffy clouds, but  this is  one  moment  to die  for.



Its early morning, and  Indigo flight 485 has taken off from Bangalore, en route to Ranchi,  a  world  away at 1500 km . The sun is slowly rising behind the clouds.  The  steel  grey  wings of the  aircraft stage  a  picturesque  contrast  against  the  fluffy  clouds  and  the  azure sky.

A new day has begun.

Having  seen this  scene  countless  times  till  date, I am  still  fascinated  by the  beauty  of  it. Here we  are  cruising  far  above  the  ground, and peeking from  in between  the  layers  of clouds, the  earth  appears  like  a giant chequerboard of trees,  fields, houses  and  rivers, 10,000 ft  below  us. It’s  an entirely  new  way to look  at the place  where  we  spend  nearly all of  our lives (except  when  we are  flying !) – living, existing, fighting,loving , thriving and  surviving.


In “ A  Gift  of wings”, Richard  Bach writes  about  the  joys  of flying .That  is  of course from the  navigator  perspective, but  even  to us  ordinary  flyers, the  romance  of being  in the  air has  not worn off  even  after  countless  flights  over  the  last  many  years.

Leonardo  da  Vinci , who is credited with  having designed the  prototype of the  first  flying machine, had said “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” True.  Who would  seek solace in the  mundane earth  once  they  have discovered  the  joys  of flying?

This  trip is  one  to be thoroughly  enjoyed. Here’s  to many more  such times  in the years  to come.

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