Thiruvasagam- the joyful dance of Lord Shiva

Thiruvasagam  (Tamil: திருவாசகம், lit. ‘sacred utterance’), a wonderful, joyous rendition of   devotional verses devoted  to Lord  Shiva.

Composed by the  poet ninth century Shaivite bhakti poet Manikkavasagar , it is a  central piece  of Tamil  literature, ranking up  there  with  the Thirukkural by Thiruvallavar . It contains 51 compositions and constitutes the eighth volume of the Tirumurai, the sacred anthology of Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta.

Lord Shiva_ Thiruvasagam,

The  Thiruvasagar discusses every phase of spiritual path from doubt and anguish to perfect understanding in Shiva, from earthly experience to teacher-disciple relationship and ultimately freedom from rebirth. As a devotional literature, it finds alternatives between joy and sorrow.

Lord Shiva_ Thiruvasagam_2

As the legend goes, Thiruvasagam is the only work which is signed by lord Siva.

There is a famous saying in Tamil,

” திருவாசகத்துக்கு உருகார் ஒரு வாசகத்திற்கும் உருகார்”

translating to “He whose heart is not melted by Thiruvasagam cannot be melted by any vasagam(saying)

Lord Shiva_ Thiruvasagam_3

Legend has it that Manikkavasakar was appointed as minister by king Arimarttanar and sent to purchase 10,000 horses from Arab traders but spent the money building a temple in Tirupperunturai, converting  the reigning  monarch to  Shaivism.

A  rough  translation of  a part  of Thiruvasagam by the  late  Canadian scholar  George  Udlow  Pope, reads thus:

“ Victory to the foot of the King, who soothed my soul’s unrest and made me His !
Victory to the jewelled foot of Pinnagan, who severs continuity of birth !
Victory to the flower-foot of Him Who is far from those without !
Victory to the anklets of the King, rejoicing ‘mid those that fold adoring hands !
Victory to the anklets of the glorious One, who uplifts those that bow the head !”

Noted Tamil film music composer Ilayaraja had composed Thiruvasagam in Symphony from the verses of Manikkavasagar’s Thiruvasakam as a tribute to the saint and the Tamil itself. All songs are orchestral renditions of the verses of Thiruvasagam. The  compositions  can  be found at :

Lord Shiva_ Thiruvasagam_4

Enjoy  this  timeless  classic and let  your  heart  melt !!!!!!

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