Visages at Patratu

(  Taken  in November  2016)

Patratu valley is 45 km away from Ranchi, and provides a   quick respite   from the hectic city life. It is currently being developed as a tourist spot, with plans for a Film City in the future.

As I reach there, the crew of a local movie shooting set out the movie set . The director and assistant  director  roll out  the  camera.The   director, a burly chap  in sunglasses, gesticulates his  exact  requirements.  The actors act  out a brief  movie script. The lead lady overacts   a bit, almost as if jumping  off from the  valleyside. Drama over, she  walks  away, head  in hand. The actors and crew end the  shoot and move off, chatting  and joking amongst  themselves.

Selling Golgappas by the edge of the hills, the vendor sits  patiently and pensively , waiting his turn for customers. Soon, he gets  a clutch  of customers, gorging  away  on the Golgappas  , which are tasty  and provide  respite  from the  heat  of the  day.

It is an eclectic crowd of tourists, movie shooters , vendors and onlookers  here at Patratu, far  far away  from  the  maddening  crowd. It  is  an enjoyable  day, and  provides  relief  and  relaxation. It is  indeed  fortunate  that  such a  beautiful  place  exists  so close  to the city, and  provides  a  quick  outing to weary  city-dwellers.


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