Healing home at Udayapura


The Sri Sri Ayurveda  Hospital Udayapura ,  at  sunset. It is a  beautiful place among the  hills  at  Udayapura, on the  Kanakapura  Road, near  Bangalore.

The hospital , which was  set  up two  years  back  at  the present  location  among the  rolling  hills, is  a beautiful structure  in the  traditional  style. There  are a  number  of departments  including  Kaumarabhritya ( Special care for children), Panchakarma( Special care by Detoxification & Rejuvenation), Shalakya Tantra ( Special care for sense organs), Shalya Tantra (Special care for surgical ailments) , Kayachikitsa ( Special care for acute & chronic ailments), Streeroga And Prasuti Tantra ( Special care for women),   Swasthavritta & Yoga( Special care for general health), Soundarya ( Super specialty skin & beauty care center) , Cancer Care , Naturopathy etc

Set up by  the  Art  of Living  Foundation, the  hospital  is dedicated to  Acharya  Rathnananda, the  father  of  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  Guruji.  Acharya  Rathnananda was  a prominent  Ayurvedic  physician, and this  hospital  carries  on his  legacy of  care.

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