The roads of the rough country

The roads are finally under repair at Ranchi. This is the section of NH 33 between Booty More and Ormanjhi, which is more often under tatters  than not.

It was a tough season, battling the  potholes  and  bumps, not  to mention  the rowdy  traffic.  The Buses charging  on like  crazy ( in this  part  of the  country, they have  a holy  right to  the road  which  no one  can  take  away) , impervious  to the  presence  of any  other  human  life. I remember  the  roads  being  repaired only once  in the  past, during the  visit  of  Prez  Pranab  Mukherjee  in  January  this  year.Predictably, only  the  stretch till BIT ( Birla Instt of Technology) , Mesra got  repaired, and  that  too, got  damaged  barely one  month  after  his  visit.

A new railway station is coming up near hence the diversion in the  road. I do hope that  the repair  this  time will be for  good .

Here’s  to  the  roads  of  the  rough  country!!

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