DDLJ @ Patratu

The  girl  , dressed  in bridal  finery, climbed  over  the  roadside  girders  overlooking  the steep  valley. Suicide  attempt ?!! The  onlookers  gasped. Hearts raced, some rushed  to  the  rescue.

And then the  movie camera  started  rolling.
So, what  was  the  drama  going  on ? Was  the  girl  seriously contemplating suicide? Nah! Movie  shooting at  Patratu.Usual  day’s work.DDLJ  local  version @ Patratu.
The  director  shouted. ”  Take .” The assistant  director , a  rather  amusing  character  in ponytails and  dark glasses, read  out  the  script.   Accompanied  by the  actor , dressed  in a sherwani.

Shot over, they  moved  on to  the  shooting  van,thoroughly  amused  and laughing.
I  must  say, all of us onlookers  enjoyed the  drama thouroughly!!Here’s  to a nice  Sunday  outing  at  Patratu valley. Seriously  considering  a  cameo  role  in one of these  movies  someday!

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