Dusk at Ranchi

DSC01106(June 2015, near  BIT  Mesra, Ranchi)

The colours of dusk can be truly uplifting. Especially in a place like Ranchi, which is surrounded by hills and is gifted with abundant greenery and natural beauty.

This was one of those evenings when the rain had stopped, after a persistent light drizzle.  The moisture still hung about in the air, like a silent whisper. And, far behind the trees,  sun was setting. The sky was awash in a multicoloured hue- orange, red, crimson, violet, yellow.  The clouds hung in the sky, their shapes attenuated by the multiple colours. The  crimson Mahua trees added their own technicolour to the evening . It all  seemed so idyllic, and far from the maddening crowd.

Beauty can be found in the most unexpected cases, if we know how to go about looking for it.


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