The Green Pavilions

(Written in May 2015)

Idyllic, beautiful Bengal passes by, as seen from the window of an AC Chair Car. It is somewhere near Burdwan, and I am on my way to Shantiniketan , aboard the Howrah- Suri express.
Monsoon has come by, and greenery is all around. Fields in light green , trees in dark green. Cows grazing on the fields. Puddles of water, puddles, ponds. Hutments in between the fields. I can see in the distance,cyclists making their way through the winding village roads. This is the land that we call ” Ruposhi Bangla” ( beautiful Bengal).
The downcast sky is heavy with the expectation of fresh rain. Clouds drift by, in light grey shapes. The train rolls gently, moves indolently through the heart of rural Bengal. Small stations pass by,alighting points for towns and villages .
It is not routinely that I undertake this kind of a journey. And so I sit back and enjoy the journey, awaiting my destination.
The Green Pavilions

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