Life is strange

abhi (1)



Life is full of strange twists and turns. I enter a hotel on the expressway for tea and snacks, and come out to see my car tyre punctured.

The hotel guys point out to the mechanic’s shop just outside. A deliberate act of sabotage? Might be. I have se en this thing elsewhere.

I surprise them with my mechanic’s skills by changing the tyre in 10 minutes flat, with minimal help( mostly cosmetic) from them. They lose their chance to make some money, but they have to look happy anyway. So the lead guy makes some facile appreciation of how well my car is maintained and there are no scratches ( fact is, I hardly maintain my 2007 vintage car and there are umpteen  scratches!).

It helps to have all kinds of skills, I guess. Especially outside mechanics’ shops on highways and expressways!!


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