Happy Republic Day


World’s largest tricolour, at Ranchi




The tricolour being hosted at Medanta bAbdur Rarzaque Ansari Memorial Weavers’ Hospital, Ranchi


At the primary school at Getlatu, near my house


A young patriot


Republic Day. 65 years of the sovereign, socialist,  democratic republic of India.Realisation of a dream. While the festivities are on in Delhi and other places of the country, the tricolour flutters high from flagposts and vehicles,  and people get immersed in patriotic fervour.

Lets reflect on the idea of India. A heterogeneous, teeming country of a billion plus people, with diverse cultures and traditions, 29 states and 7 union territories, more than 20 official languages, thousands of dialects and representative of all the major religions of the world. Cradle to two of the oldest and largest religions in the world. Broad enough to accommodate all thoughts and cultures.Loved, revered by its people ( its not without reason we embody our nation as Bharatmaata; who can be closer than the mother?) ,trampled by outsiders, but never having lost its spirit. Like the Phoenix, we have always risen from the ashes.

There has been only another nation in living history which has had diversity on this scale, and that was the erstwhile USSR. We all know how that nation disintegrated into pieces.We haven’t, despite persistent efforts to fracture us.

Yes. Kargil, Kandahar, Mumbai blasts, Delhi blasts, Pathankot attack haven’t dented our spirit. And never will. We will not only survive, but thrive. We are the fastest growing economy in the world. NaMo has shown us that we can earn respect on foreign shores.

Do we have a responsibility towards maintaining the pride of this country? Yes! The nation is composed of its people. We , the people, make up the nation.

Most of us cannot join the forces or engage professionally in public service. But what we can do is in making a difference by:

1) NEVER denigrating the country and the  idea of India  as a nation . To quote JFK, ” Don’t think what the country can do for you, think what you can do for the country.”

2) Being considerate towards our fellow citizens, especially the old, young, disabled . By never denigrating them. The elderly are our heritage and the young, our future.

3) By engaging in at least one cause important and close to our heart, which benefits people. Whether it is healthcare, education, civil defence, empowerment of the masses, or whatever you think is important. Being in a rural area, in a  profession which affects the lives of people, who come here at  the end of their tether and putting their lives in our entrustment ,  I know the satisfaction one derives from being involved with the  masses.

There might be many other methods  of engaging in the improvement of the country. Choose your own way, but do something. Light the lamp, don’t curse the darkness.

Ending with the immortal verse,written by Shyamlal Parashad, who hailed from Kanpur, in 1924, long before our independence materialised:

‘Vijayi  vishwa tiranga pyara,

Jhanda uncha rahe hamara…’

(roughly translated as, ”  Winning over the world, the beloved tricolour,

May our flag fly high” )

Proud to be an Indian . Always was. Always will be. Long live the republic.

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