The rolling magicians of rock

Yuvotsav 2016. A carnival of furious action, spontaneity and fervour. Not only for the youth of Jharkhand, but for all people in and around this city.  The five-day festival culminated, fittingly, in a rock show-competition, the “War- chasw” (whatever that means).

Having reached the venue at 7:30 pm, we got to see only three of the bands, including one from our very own Jamshedpur, but the jewel in the crown was this band from Bangalore, Lagori, mesmerizing the crowds with their rendition of “Sayyoni” and the like. The pyrotechnics were a feast for the eyes. The lead singer was awesome, the acoustics gyrating   (played by a quaint looking person they called “Swamiji”) and the bass simply awesome.  The drums rolled in unison, and the crowds, probably seeing something like this after a very long time, simply lapped it up.

Here’s to the rolling magicians of rock!!


















DSC05193 - Copy.JPG



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