Ranchi blues












It’s dusk, and the steady stream of vehicles on the road , their tail-lights glowing , indicates the activity on the  Ranchi- Hazaribagh expressway.  The wind is moist and cool, monsoons having descended upon Ranchi , and the clouds in the distance indicate the coming of the monsoons.
Dark grey, crimson, orange , yellow. The many hues of the clouds upon the hills demonstrate the beauty of nature. Slowly, they pass  over the hills, their shapes outlined in the setting sky.
I am driving out on the highway. And I feel the beauty of dusk. Nature was never quite as beautiful as this. I soak in the gentle beauty of the Chhotanagpur Hills, thanking the good luck that brought me to Ranchi.
The hills are alight with the colours of dusk. And I soak in the beauty that nature has to offer.

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