Portrait of a lady


Smiling Lady

A lady with a wrinkled face can still exude a lot of joy and serenity. I was walking  my way down, all 750 steps, to the  Hundru falls , 30 km from Ranchi, when I saw this lady sitting by the steps. She was  old and wizened, but there was this look of joy and mischieviousness on her face. Her hair a peppered mix of black and grey, wrinkles galore on her face, her arms heavily tattooed, wearing a colourful dress that somehow belied her age, she looked like the perfect subject for a portrait. I asked her whether I could take a photograph, and she said , ” Yes, if you pay me. ”   I asked her name and she said, hesitantly ( probably she was not used to people asking her name) , ” Munno”. So I took a few shots of Munnodevi, impish smile galore  on her face, clearly enjoying the attention.  At the end of it, I handed her the promised money.

You can see how cheerful she looks  despite her age. To  quote Louis Nizar, “ A beautiful lady is an accident of nature. A beautiful old lady is a work of art.

( Taken with Sony Alpha 58, f 5.6, Exp 1/160, ISO 400, digitally enhanched)

11 thoughts on “Portrait of a lady

  1. A beautiful lady! I love the joy and mischief in her eyes, and I LOVE your beautiful words that describe her. Thanks for this post, it’s brightened up my evening. 🙂 Also, I happen to be in Ranchi every now and then on work and would love to hear of any suggestions if you got any! Hundru falls are on my list. I’ve visited Patratu Falls, Rukka Dam and Dhurva (sp?) Dam, but seem to be running out of options now! Betla National Park is on my list too, hope to visit it soon.


    1. Thank you, Ami !There are lots of places in Jharkhand, and I am just beginning to explore. Will keep u updated. Be my guest the next time if u would like to. My number is: 9831158328.


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