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Alok Singhal on Bon voyage
abhibishnu on Sunrise at Ranchi…
Ranjana Shankar on Sunrise at Ranchi…
abhibishnu on Early morning in Ranchi
abhibishnu on Sunrise at Ranchi…




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Trail of a jet plane






Jet trail in the sky

It is well known that jet planes leave a  trail of smoke in their wake, during their journey across the sky. This was one of those early mornings when I got up, determined to make the most of the day, and went to the terrace . By providence, I happened to glance at the sky , which had cleared itself of the golden colours of dawn, and had turned into an azure shade with flecks of white. And amongst those flecks, while I strained my eyes, I could find the curly wisps of a smoke trail  left behind by a jet plane. This has been one of my favourites since childhood, and I rushed to fetch my camera.

Here are the pictures, taken in Panorama mode with my Sony Alpha -58.

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