Sunrise at Ranchi










It was one of those days when I got up early enough ( earlier than the sun, in fact !). After trying for weeks to catch the dawn, I finally had it in my grasp! There was this melodious strain of temple music in the distance, the coolness of a fading late winter night and the colours of a new dawn.

As I started walking on the terrace, the first  rays of sunlight began to dawn. First, a faint yellow- orangish tinge on the horizon, then a  spectrum of colours- yellow,orange, red, blue and grey that coloured the sky, etching out the shapes of the clouds , then the emergence of a yellow-orangish globule, and then, finally, after a lot of anticipation, the sun came up on the horizon.The bright colours brought out vividly the silhouettes of the trees and the houses in the distance. The dullness of the fields ( devoid of green in the winter) contrasted vividly with the bright colors of dawn.

This was all I could have asked for. I got my camera, and took a few snaps. Here they are. I hope they bring out the beauty of dawn in all its colours.

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