Kolkata by the Hooghly river

The Hooghly flows slowly by the shores of Kolkata (Calcutta) and Howrah. It carries the life of its inhabitants along with it. Boats, steamers, buoys.The remains of dilapidated old mills on the banks of Howrah. The crumbling warehouses of Strand Road. The beautiful parks that have come up on the Kolkata side of the river.

Between the Howrah bridge and the Second Hooghly Bridge ( Vidyasagar Setu) , the stretch of the Hooghly carries with it a virtual floatsam of humanity, from revellers, lovers to boatmen. The sparkling waters of the Hooghly at Sunset provide  relief to the eyes, tired by urban chaos and the struggle for survival.

In the backdrop of the Second Hooghly Bridge , the sun sets slowly behind the horizon. And as the river flows slowly yet steadily, it envelopes the life of all who come into contact with it. True to the spirit of holy rivers, it cleanses and purifies the life of all who come into contact with it.

Pic 020

 Three  boatmen

Pic 026

 Boatman on the Ganges

Pic 038

 A flotilla of colourful boats

Pic 043


Pic 048

 A couple of boats

Pic 060

 Lone boatman

Pic 071

 Boatman on the Ganges

Pic 091

 Boatman on the Ganges

Pic 095

 Across the setting sun

Pic 099

 Glittering bridge

Pic 107

 A couple of boats

Pic 111

 Man- o – war

Pic 129

Flights of fancy

Pic 132

 Lazy steamer on the Ganges

Pic 137

Troika of boats

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