Saraswati Puja….the celebration of Wisdom

Today is Saraswati Puja , the day of worship of Goddess Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of learning and wisdom.  Here in Bengal, where it is celebrated in many homes also in the neighbourhoods, it has a special significance for students. The Goddess of learning is supposed to bless all scholars, and given Bengal’s inclinations towards scholarly pursuits, it has always been a prominent festival. Khichdi is the staple for the day in many homes, and the strains of ” Saraswati Bidyamati” resound in many homes.

A few snippets :









9 thoughts on “Saraswati Puja….the celebration of Wisdom

  1. Today while I was travelling by bus. Saw a group of young girls beautifully dressed in saree and boys in colorful kurtas get on the bus. They reminded me of good old days in school. Saraswati puja is a nostalgia 🙂 This is one day I miss my school and college days and friends very much.


  2. Yes, Saraswati Pujo was a time when we used to collect ” Chanda” from door to door, then stay up the night till the morning of Pujo. Being held in early Winter/ spring, Saraswati Pujo always had this extra gaeity factor to it.


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