The aura of the Sun..warmth, hope and happiness

The rays of the Sun give us power. Whether it’s Sunrise which signals the beginning of a day, or Sunset which signals the end of a tiring day, only for the beginning of a whole new day, the Sun gives us warmth, hope , happiness and the power to light up our lives.
Sunrise.The instant at which the Sun appears over the eastern horizon in the morning. It is the beginning of a new day, pregnant with new hopes, wishes and dreams. Dawn (from an Old English verb dagian “to become day”) is the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise.
Sunset. The moment when the Sun disappears below the western horizon. The end to another day. Whether it is a scorching day of summer or a mild one of winter, sunset holds a symbolic role; the end of a busy day and the beginning of a night means the promise of a new, fulfilling day ahead. Sunset is distinct from dusk, which is the time at which the sky becomes completely dark. The period between sunset and dusk is called twilight.
Sunrises and sunsets can be spectacular. Seeing the sun go down behind the Himalayas or in the backdrop of the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea can be uplifting and a feast for the eyes. Seeing the sun come up behind the Sahyadris, cool wing enveloping the body, is an experience of a lifetime. Even in the city, seeing the sun set from a skyscraper, the city skyline in the backdrop, can be a feast for the eye if one is sufficiently oriented to the beauty of life around us. The intense orange colour of the sun, the drafty clouds in the sky and the locational features add a special quality to sunrise and sunset.

And then there is the role of the sun in Hindu mythology. Surya (“the Supreme Light”) also known as Aditya, Surya, Bhanu, Ravi or Phra Athit is the chief solar deity in Hinduism. Not limited to India alone, Sun worship is also a phenomenon in other cultures. The  Greek counterpart of Surya  is Helios and his Egyptian counterpart is Ra.

Here, I have posted pictures which bring about the beauty and the spectacle of the Sun at different locations around the country. Many of the pictures were taken with a  mobile camera, so the quality of the pictures may vary.

Any comments would be most welcome.

Badarpur Delhi_Sunset

Sunset at Badarpur, Delhi

Banjara Hills , Hyderabad_ Sunrise

Sunrise at Banjara Hills , Hyderabad

Chinchwad Pune_Dusk

Dusk at Chinchwad ,Pune

Delhi Jaipur Highway_Sunset

Sunset on Delhi Jaipur Highway

Eastern Bypass Kolkata_ Sunrise

Sunrise on Eastern Bypass Kolkata

Ecopark Kolkata_Sunset

Sunset at Ecopark Kolkata

Faridabad _Dusk

Dusk at Faridabad

Faridabad_ Sunrise

Dawn at Faridabad

Faridabad_ Sunrise_2

Sunrise at Faridabad_2


Sunset at Faridabad, NCR


Sunset at Faridabad_2

Gachibowli Hyderabad_Sunset

Sunset at Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Gachibowli Hyderabad_Sunset_2

Sunset at Gachibowli_2


Sunset at Haridwar


Sunset on the Hooghly, Kolkata


Dusk at Kalyani, West Bengal

Kovalam Beach Chennai_Sunrise

Sunrise at Kovalam Beach, Chennai

Lake Gardens Kolkata_Dusk

Dusk at Lake Gardens Kolkata

Lake Gardens Kolkata_Sunset

Sunset at Lake Gardens ,Kolkata


Sunset at Lavasa (near Pune)


Sunset at Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra


Sunset at Mahabaleshwar_2

Mandarmoni Beach West Bengal_Sunset

Sunset at Mandarmoni Beach ,West Bengal

Mumbai seashore_ Sunset

Sunset at Mumbai seashore_2

Mumbai seashore_ Dusk

Sunset at Mumbai seashore


Sunset at Mussoorie


Dawn at Panchgani, Maharashtra

Perumbakkam Chennai_Dawn

Dawn at Perumbakkam ,Chennai

Perumbakkam Chennai_Dawn _2

Dawn at Perumbakkam _2

Perumbakkam Chennai_Dawn _3

Dawn at Perumbakkam _3

Perumbakkam Chennai_Sun behind the clouds

Sun behind the clouds at Perumbakkam , Chennai


Sunrise at Pondicherry

Pune Hyderabad highway_Sunrise

Sunrise on Pune -Hyderabad highway

Purana Qila Delhi_Dusk

Dusk at Purana Qila, New Delhi


Dusk at Rishikesh

Sarita Vihar New Delhi_Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse at Sarita Vihar, New Delhi


Sunset at Shivneri, Maharashtra


Dusk  at Shivneri

4 thoughts on “The aura of the Sun..warmth, hope and happiness

  1. A truly fascinating collection of sunrises and sunsets captured wonderfully. Some of them are especially good, too.


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